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how do you play this fucking game?

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i cant for the life of me play this game, it's too complex. how do you play it? should i have to download mods? is it even possible to naturally make my region appear big by simply playing the game, or should i have to rely on a strategy/technique of building my city? help me /vst/
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Warhammer 40K: Battlesector

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Battlesector just comes out, I'm loading it now.
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civ 6 cities

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does anybody feel like civ 6 would work well as a simcity-like management without competing against other civs
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Which underrepresented part of human history would make for a decent strategy game?
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May 11, 1941

When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, France demanded that Belgium join the Allies in order to move their troops as far forward as possible, fearing a repeat of the previous war. When Belgium refused, France preemptively invaded, setting up the front as it currently stands.

For a year and a half, the front here and on the Italian border has remained completely static, with periods of intense, grinding combat reminiscent of the Great War, as the Germans probe the French line. However no general German offensive ever comes.
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Sudden Strike Series

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I never played any Sudden Strike game, but I want to try them. Which are good and worth playing (especially for the campain)?

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Give me the worst strategy game you have played.
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How can we create a realistic economy in a game like Vic 2?

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I have had an interest in economics for a while and have been wondering on how to take a game like vic 2 (or even hoi4 cause why not) and add a realistic economic system. Ideally this economic system will have:

1. More realistic trade, it doesn't make sense that it's just as easy to buy shit from a developed European country as it is to buy one from some undeveloped country in Africa.

2. Tariffs need to reworked because they don't have any actual effect on production or consumption for some reason.

3. Pops should buy the cheapest product, not only the products made in their own home countries.

4. This list could go on and on but hopefully you guys get my point, how could create a realistic economy in a video game?
inb4 "Victory two has a very good economy" nonsense, yes it has a good game *only* when compared to other grand strategy games. On it's own and looking at it objectively I could say that the game needs a lot more improvement.
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Advanced Daisenryaku

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Daisenryaku is a Japanese strategy game. It is the godfather of Panzer General and pretty cool. I got the shit kicked out of me trying to Typhoon during the winter and now I'm trying the Japanese campaign.

The first two missions are at Khalkhin Gol, first driving the Mongolians out and then counter-attacking the Soviets. Mission 3 is Pearl Harbor, but the player has only 10 turns to achieve a Complete Victory.
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