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I'm curious to try this, is it safe to play yet

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What went wrong?
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4craft is coming up, anyone got ideas for a /vst/ island?

I'm thinking we make it Israel
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how is it? the first hoi game i got but i never got around to learning it. is it really better than 4?
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Conquest of Elysium 5

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Coming soon:

I wonder what improvement they add to this one. The active battlefield in 4 was quite different from 3's "just smush the two sides into one another".
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Graviteam Tactics Mius Front is on sale on steam right now. Is it worth getting?

From looking at some gameplay it seems like a pretty slow paced tactical sim with most of the work done in preparation rather than micromanagement, which is appealing to me.

Any particular DLC campaigns to look at?
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Command & Conquer

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Gentlemen.. it's a nuclear device. Time is running out and there are still no new announcements.
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OpenTTD 1.11.0 released

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Clips of a player simply outskilling his opponent. Any game goes.
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Really simplistic city-builder-like game recommendations?

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I've already asked on /wsr/ and I didn't get an answer so I'm going to ask here. Are there any games out there that would play like Civ but more focused on building? If you want me to go into more detail you can check the /wsr/ thread
Pic related is a game that feels like what I'm looking for.
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