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What /vst/ think about Master of Orion (2016)?
I think it's good especially with mods like WhatisSol's UCP - that fixes many game bugs and Spud Dastardly's 5X - that rebalances the game and add many new features especially Ultimate Balance Mod but if you like vanilla then 5X Lite also is good.
Developers added these modders to game credits because of they importancy to the game.
Too bad that Wargaming stoped supporting it.
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Biggest RTS failures

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Pic related came out in 2015. I remember being hyped thinking it would be like a spiritual successor to C&C generals but on a bigger scale like Red Dragon.... What a massive letdown!

>3 resources instead of just 1 simple resource
>All the unit's are pretty expensive kinda killing macro, so spam is out
>Can't really micro anything either CoH style there's just no mechanic's for it

It's like they couldn't decide whether to copy generals somewhat spammy but fun gameplay or CoHs small tactical but still fun gameplay. In the end they ended up with this barrel of fail that appeals to neither fanbase.

What other RTS failures/letdowns have disappointed you guys?
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any tips for playing this?
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Rome 2

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i know when most people think of Rome 2. They think of dei. but i think more people should try wars of the gods than dei.
Have you guys played this mod?
maybe i got filtered by Dei. I think i got filtered ngl
but i played wars of the gods and its pretty fun.
One thing i noticed though is i have obscene amounts of money starting out as Rome.
and another small negative with wars of the gods.
is they made all the factions playable. besides dlc ones. still gotta buy those.
But some of the new playable factions have underwhelming rosters. like the vivseci.
Had like three sword units it was weird.
but other than that. I had alot of fun.

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Do strategy games make you horny? Ngl I periodically get a boner during winning over an opponent, wtf bros?
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Remember when Koei made games that weren't set in the Three Kingdoms or Sengoku eras?
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strategy games with RPG elements

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I know this is probably a weird question, but hear me out. Are there any good "RPG strategy" games out there? I mean strategy games where RPG mechanics play a role. I already know about CK2 where all characters have stats, traits, and items, and Warcraft 3 where hero units can level up and have stats, items, and spells. Are there more games like this out there and which ones are the good ones?
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I am forgotten...
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>visit /vst/
>no Warlords thread
How unchivalrous. How goes your Etherian conquest, Warlords chads?
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EUIV thread

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What mods allow you to play after 1821 without all the tech and events ending?
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