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TW: Three Kingdoms may be dead but at least we still get cute girls added in
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Giants Citizen Kuboto

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This game was so good and ahead of its time, especially the base building section of the games where you were still an individual but you built and supplied the base, it even had different factions. Is there any strategy game like this?

Endless Space 2

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YOU are fighting for MANKIND, right?
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Space Captain Sim

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Any game where you just control one ship and do different kind of jobs in a space sector/galaxy like resource gathering/transporting, mercenary work, data hacking, etc.? It'd be cool if the work you did altered the political landscape too.
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>Look up Bulat Steel after some anon shilled it here
>It looks fucking amazing
>Download 12gb of this mod
>Can't download english translation and patch because devs said that they will release new patch soon™ and so they removed old downloads
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Anyone else simp for Cleopatra in Civilization 6?
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So, is there anything new on Axis of Evil? Devs, if you're here, is there going to be a server?

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Are there any HoM&M III players on this board who want to play LANs through the fanmade expansion client?
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DF2 styled city builders that actually go off

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Ive fallen in love with this recently
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It's garbage