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Are you ready for Gates of Hell - the kino men of war experience in the making?
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You fags intrested in playing civ 4/5 via email with me and a friend? I tried /v/ several times but they seem to be too busy not playing videogames.
First let's see which one we'll play.

Then depending on the answer we can either use PYDT to manage the email shit for us or go the civ 4 route of play by email.
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Any startegy games that makes me feel like an actual commander and not just a camera in the sky?
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*razes your fort*
*lets french people take it*
nothing personnel kiddo

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what's the most overpowered piece of bullshit put in a strategy game? (mod or otherwise)
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Warlords Battlecry thread

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Why was there never a 4th game

shame they went to making puzzle games since it was really a one of a kind game
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Wargames thread

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Protip: do not confuse with w*rgame: goyropean escalation

This thread is about wargames, hardcore grognard stuff, severe autism and turns that take a week to finish

Recent events:

>JOHN TILLER IS GONE! Press F to pay respects. I hope his style of wargames will live on.
>War In The East 2 is out. Kudos to those who play as Soviets. Tell us your stories of heroic defense and miraculous battles.
> is still fucking shit. Any good wargame magazines emerging?

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can you recommend some strategy games where games are pretty quick? preferably around 30 minutes or less
i guess most rts games fall into that but do some turn based ones also qualify?
my friends and i wanted to get back into strategy games, last games we played were civ5 and es2, but we don't really have the time for few hours long games anymore, saving and loading on a other day doesn't really feel right
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Age of Wonders: Planetfall

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NO Es'Teq allowed! edition

Prevoius thread: >>376425
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Civilization 2

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Bros, how do I git gud at Civ2? I'm still playing on Prince because the other difficulties kick my ass.
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