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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

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No living Amazing Cultivation Simulator thread? Let's change that.

Man, the RNG for some of the special drops from the Ancient Cultivators can be a bit frustrating to farm for, if you're after a specific one.
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Advanced Wars

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Why was Advanced wars one of the best turn based strategy games ever when it came out on the Gameboy Advance?
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I'm developing a browser game for /vst/

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The idea is that all players are statesmen (not rulers or generals) of a nation, and they vote on what action to perform every turn (which will take 10 seconds) and compete against other player-led nations.

I intend this game to be complex with a low low-learning curve so it is easy to get into but hard to master, with this complexity I mean it has:
>closed economy (each province has private and public wealth)
>pops with ethnicity and religion, who migrate and revolt
>knights who duel and commands
>governments that function differently
>rulers whose stats impact everything
>forts that protect nations
>barbarians that destroy everything
>it has pie charts.
So, the goal is to make it much more than just a map painter.

Because one setting/map will get tiresome after a while, I intend to make several maps on which players will able to vote every round.

Possible actions include:

>invade a province
>colonize a province
>plunder a province
>fortify a province
>recruit a knight
>assassinate a knight
>collect taxes
>raise taxes
>purge dissidents
>hunt outlaws

Because this game will be for /vst/ (even if nobody ends up playing it), I might as well ask for any suggestions.
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Hearts of Iron 4

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How do I beat China as Japan? My invasion is stalling right here and attrition is destroying my units.
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>no Total War: Mongol yet

Are there some strategy games (except EU4) that heavily feature the Mongols and/or their campaigns?
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Do you really need more out of a Total War game than this?
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Grand Tactician - Thoughts?

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Looks pretty refreshing imho, think I'm gonna pick it up
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Can I shill a new mod for HOI4 a bit? I really liked it
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Rise of Nations

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So I've recently started playing it again, and it's even better than when i played it before. The closest thing to a Civ but RTS. But i can barely beat and even mostly lose to Tough AI, the most "fair" one. Should I be really super aggressive?
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