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Flawed Masterpieces

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What strategy games hold a special place in your heart despite being flawed enough you refuse to recommend them to people?
For me, it's Mordheim. I fucking love it, but the AI warbands just scaling off you rather than being persistent is a real killer imo, even moreso than the shit performance, clunky interface, fucky AI and grind. Especially later in a warband's lifespan, when your boys have enough injuries that the AI tends to have multiple people a match standing around repeatedly failing stupidity checks because of randomly assigned brain damage.
By contrast, the best times I've had with it are when I'm in a 1v1 clash where we just do back-to-back-to-back missions until one of us can't afford their warband anymore. There's nothing sweeter than slowly forcing your mate to overstretch their economy so even if they're winning battles, they lose the war. Spiriting away their good weapons, investing practically no money in gear for your goons and just mobbing one of their dudes that he's invested in, match after match until they don't get back up again.
There's a sweet spot in the early mid-game where your lads have 1 or 2 tricks each but they're very bad at everything outside their main role, so you're constantly having to manouevre and reposition for best effect and I just find it so much fun to juggle.

Honourable mention to Battle Brothers and Darkest Dungeon, which I think prioritise the *experience* to the detriment of a fun game but that I still play the fuck out of.
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SMAC: Alien Crossfire

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Why is the expansion not remembered as fondly as the OG game? I thought all the factions were awesome and way more unique than any of the base game factions.

The aliens were really OP though. They dominated literally every game they were included in.
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Which saints are the best?
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Thoughts on what we've seen of Age of Empires 4 so far? And more importantly thoughts on Joan?
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this is why you shouldn't let ck2 run for too long
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>Excited all the way up until seeing the reveal trailer
>Literally just women and brits being 'super cool and punching nazis'
I'm already so turned off. I don't care if the game will be objectively good, I'm never buying it now lol
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How is Total War Attila not DLC for this game?
I recently got into Rome 2. and always thought Attila was basically a DLC. Then i got rome 2 i was like oh okay it is its own thing right.

Then i watch game play and its obviously the same exact game. Just a different setting.

Not criticizing CA or anything and i appreciate how much love Rome 2 has gotten especially coming in as a new player so late. But i still do not get how Attila is not a DLC for Rome 2.

Do you think CA will ever admit their mistake and combine attila into Rome 2 in some way or whatever? or even patch attila down the road? or just leave it to the waste bin.

Cause considering Emperor divided is like Attila "light" idk
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Alexander was DEFINITELY using console commands, there was no way he didn't max hsi overextension
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Peace is a dream we have been chasing for a long time...
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random team matches in this game fucking suck ass.
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