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>No political compass announced yet, despite being the most warranted and demanded addition
>Three buttons
>Typical Marxist revisionism of history, depicting glorious conflicts as producing masses of disabled and wounded men and wasting resources
Any other lads here awaiting Victoria 3 with naught but a hearty kek?

Fantasoi game is busted

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The new Total War game literally doesn't work
Units will just run all the way to the edge of the map when you give them orders lmao
>That will be 60 dollars plus tip!
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lobotomy corp

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old thread (>>903552) is almost about to be archived, post LC/LoR/etc stuff
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When will PDX give into tactical combat?

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Tactical combat being a battle where you control individual units on field, like in Heroes of Might and Magic or Total War.

Tactical combat is appealing to the normies, so even small indie games tend to include simple tactical combat. Something that sets PDX apart from the rest of strategy games is their refusal to include any gameplay element, but in recent years they have begun to casualize their games, so you'd think tactical combat would be just a matter of time, however for whatever reason VIC3 goes to a completely different direction.
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