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So it's out on Free Weekened at rock bottom prices. Try it out, it's not perfectly X-COM 4 but the free aim ballistics prety fun.

For those wondering about the DLCs not in year 1, eh it's like this: Festering Skies = Interception but no impact on tactical play, it's just an extra dimension on the strategic map to plan for. Corrupted Horizons = adds an extra annoying enemy and the ability to build an army of disposable troops with the stock piles of Mutagen you get vanilla game. For owners, probabaly better you wait for DLC 3 to restart your game.
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Warlords series

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Why did everyone forget about the turn based Warlords games?
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ITT: Formable nations that you want to see in Victoria 3

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Imperial Federation
Byzantine Empire
Danubian Federation
Golden Circle
Gran Colombia
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CK2 Thread

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Aside from Luxuria Fantasia, which mods go well with HIP?
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So what is /vst/ opinion on Vichy III? Will it be good, and especially historically accurate?
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Any Syrian Warfare enjoyers on /vst/?

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Picked this up not too long ago as my first real RTS and I'm really enjoying it so far. Does /vst/ have any recs for games I should play after this?
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any tips for playing this?
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How do you even beat any scenario above normal in this game without savescuming every day? It is making me want brush my teeth and drink orange juice
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