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Civilization 2

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Bros, how do I git gud at Civ2? I'm still playing on Prince because the other difficulties kick my ass.
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Augustus mod for Caesar 3

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Augustus 3.0.1 has been released, the next big update, featuring a rework of culture, sentiment, adding mini monuments and a lot more!

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i love games with in-depth eugenics systems.
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Azeroth Wars
Least it was till blizzard fucked it up
Custom maps thread?
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Wouldn't Happen To Play Gwent Would You?

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Advanced Daisenryaku

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I'm playing Iron Storm on the Saturn. It's pretty cool and nobody wants to talk about it. There are also games on the SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast, and PS2.
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so what the fuck is this thing because literally everything in the game is based on something that actually exists. there actually IS a spectre gunship but it looks nothing like this. and its not like its new
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Is Nex the ultimate form of bloat?
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