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Anyone still playing this?
I know everyone has a boner for Cities Skylines but I just can't get into it
I like the region mechanic too much here
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Is there a turn based game/series more extensive with magic use than Age of Wonders type games, but less complicated than Dominions?
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Why it is so good?
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Who is the best /vst/ race/country and why is it Tau, /vst/?
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You played this gem, right?
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How the hell do you play MEIOU and Taxes?
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Do you guys have that one IRL nation that you can always go to to have a fun campaign? For me, it's Greece. No matter what game they're in, they manage to be one of the most interesting nations around. Same for the U.K.
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>Stronghold doesn't has skirmish mode
>Stronghold Crusader doesn't has story mode
Why can't we have both?

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I'm confused about Crusader Kings III tutorial.
A king is the liege over duchy.
Does that mean the king all of the duchy's land?
Can anyone below the rank of king declare war?
Like how would a count get more land?
Is there a way to influence a war?
Is someone who's rank is low, are they able to rise ranks?
I have so many more questions but I'm high.
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