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Is Nex the ultimate form of bloat?
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Age of Empires Online - NOW 100% F2P - New Civilization Out, New Civilization On The Way!

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Thanks to the Project Celeste Development team, the Romans Civilization, Campaign and Legendary Questpack are out now!

Age of Empires Online is 100% Free to play, and hosted by volunteer developers in accordance with Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules.

Romans Civilization Trailer:
Install guide:
Video Install guide:
High Level PvE Gameplay:

Another Announcement Regarding the Indian Civilization Coming to Age of Empires Online!
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Star Wars Rebellion. Is it good?

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I haven't played this game, but I heard that it is similar to Masters of Orion. Is this game a good strategy game on it's own? Does it run like shit?
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Disciples 2

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Did you do your yearly playthrough of Disciples 2 yet?
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Games where i can build roads / automatically gets build with progress? i want to see my city expand passively
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I hear a lot about how CivIV is great but what are the general opinions about III?

Played it a bit as a kid but I was too dumb to really get into it back then like most strategy games.
Got it rotting in my library and I was wondering if it would be worth giving another go.
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Well, boys? Will it be kino?
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Age of mythology thread

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Time for thread about greatest mythological strategy game in history.
Whats you favourite civ and strategy?
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How do I get gud at this game? My armies just get annihilated when I try to siege
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Civ 4 thread/ They don't make 'em like they used to

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Unironically the best title in the series
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