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How do you even beat any scenario above normal in this game without savescuming every day? It is making me want brush my teeth and drink orange juice
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Show me better character cards/arts in tbs.
>Pro tip - fuck you.
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2021 I am forgotten

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CTP2 was really fun. Why don't more people remember it? Were the CTP games not that popular? Sea cities, mega mines, fusion hover tanks. Civ 3 never had any of that.
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Just started playing Civ V. Never played a Civ game before in my life. I'm having a lot of fun.

Is Civ V really considered the 'best' Civ game? Which is your favourite game?
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Aww sweet, a schizo game
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Wargame: Red Dragon

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So South Africa releases in less than an hour on steam and coming alongside is a balance patch that, according to eugen, has "grown significantly in size and scope" compared to the changes they already listed here:
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Why is this game so good and how do I keep enjoying it forever? I am absolutely in love with it, both the strategy and tactics mechanics are awesome, I love setting up an ambush for an opponent via placing a bunch of cheap units next to a forest where a ton of units are concealed, I love flanking, how different various classes/spheres/races are, creeping, pvp, ganking enemy heroes, sieges, musketeers, spells, necromancers, WAOW
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ITT: most rage inducing events

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>killed boar with TC
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What's inside the goody hut?
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kingdom under fire

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maybe we can have a thread about this franchise and lament its ongoing death
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