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Ultimate General Civil War

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This any good? Does the AI cheat too much? Is the campaign mode interesting?
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>Turn-Based """Strategy"""


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Can he save the protoss race?
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Warhammer 2 TW thread

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>Play Alith Anar
>Recruit army of invisible shadow walker elf ninjas
>Attack imposing dark elf city
>Hmm, I don't think I can take this. I'll get destroyed by archers and towers before I can climb the walls.
>Wait a minute, my shadow walker elf ninjas are invisible unless the enemy are within like 10 meters of them.
>Lightbulb moment
>Start siege
>Use my one visible unit, the eagles Alith Anar starts with, and sit him on the far west corner of the map.
>All of the enemy units sit on the far western part of the wall to counter the only threat they can see
>Half of the wall is completely unoccupied, with no manned defensive towers
>Climb all my shadow warrior elf ninjas onto the wall
>Run all my shadow warrior elf ninjas into the capture point and capture it
>Enemy realizes oh shit, that's not good and rushes for the square
>but it's too late
>the moment they show their faces there are only 30 seconds remaining until victory
>30 seconds during which anyone who even tries to approach the square gets shot by enough arrows to impersonate the final scene of Jet Li's Hero
>win the battle with less than 90 people killed on either side, only 2 of which were my own

I must say, being edgy sure does have its benefits.

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What are the best gunpowder games? As in, any era or setting that uses them. Already played the Total War games, Vic 2 + Eu4, and Ultimate General: Civil War.
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2021 I am forgotten

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CTP2 was really fun. Why don't more people remember it? Were the CTP games not that popular? Sea cities, mega mines, fusion hover tanks. Civ 3 never had any of that.
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Ideology of strategy gaming

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> Play strategy games on the reg since adolescence
> develop a disregard for human life within the games and within real life
> think and feel nothing about unironically killing and or tyrannizing billions within the games or in real life
> laugh at geopolitical tragedies and atrocities within the world
> hardly bat an eye at historical atrocities, actually find Hitler's and Stalin's funny at times
> think about killing people while also calculating how to get away with it, in practice killing nobody while hating a lot of people
> fantasize and structure own real life around seizing power for all this - already in law school, fascinated with Robespierre and Lenin (both lawyers)

What the fuck.
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what about this gaem?
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EU4 DLC #37 announced

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