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>your faction blue
>enemy faction red
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Why did they decide to make AoE4 nobody wanted instead of properly remastering AoM :/
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Holy kino
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Is Grand Tactician the best strategy/tactics simulation, or the BEST strategy/tactics simulation?
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Which one is the most infuriating?
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>be american
>wanna play a game with your country
>only fun options are some civil war game and Civ
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How did this game get such a huge following? The pathfinding is so fucking infuriating and broken.
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PDXcon prediction/discussion thread

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PDXcon is an event held by Paradox Interactive to show off their new games. Typically this is held at a venue with a live stream focused only on the main events, but it appears that this year, nearly all events will be shown off in a live stream format. This thread is dedicated to ~~containing~~ discussing both predictions for the show and it's reveals. I predict the event to go something like this:
Day 1: CK3 DLC
Day 2: Hoi4 DLC
Day 3: unannounced PDX game.
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Why no Paradox modern day game?

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They covered Roman times, medieval, victorian, ww2 and then they skipped over modern day and made a future era interstellar game. why? when do we get a modern day mod? it could start in the 1950s korean war or 1960s with vietnam.
>dude just play modern day hoi4 mod
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Comfy Total war campaign thread

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Let's keep the shitflinging to a minimum this time
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