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What's the best RTS game of all time and why is it pic related?
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/vst/ First Person Shooters

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Post /vst/ FPS vidya.
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Age of Wonders: Planetfall

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Have you been completing your quests for the most based NPC faction?
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Lets talk about Brigandine games and have comfy thread.
Both Brigandine games (psx and ps4/snitch) and mods.
I really enjoyed the old one bith gameplay and setting.
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What the fuck. It’s literally Age of Empires.

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I mean down to the cost of the farms and the food amount of herdables and shit.
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Shining Force

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Let's have a thread dedicated to Sega's premier tactics game from the 90s, Shining Force! Has anyone made any Shining thread here on /vst/? I don't think I've seen a single one.
>But why not make one at /vrpg/?
I genuinely believe the "tactical" aspect of Shining Force is of a more prominent role than its "RPG" aspect, when discussing the "genre makeup" of SF. I always consider SF to be a tactics game first, and an RPG second. I would sooner say it's similar to Battle for Wesnoth than to Final Fantasy. Also /vrpg/ is a stinky place, I don't want to go there.
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Strategy game ideas

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Every strategy video game idea you have in the back of your mind, or you daydream about.
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King of Dragon Pass

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Are there any more games like King of Dragon Pass (other than its sequel)? How come this game doesn't have more imitators and spiritual successors? It's unique but I don't see a good reason why it remains as unique as it is, it doesn't seem that hard to reproduce.
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What are some strategy games with naked titties? Not counting mods, that is. Pic related, Vantage Master.
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Limbus has already been rated. LoR official release has been delayed. AGAIN
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