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vote for the new sc2 ladder maps
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whats /vst/ verdict on Planet Zoo? i've been playing this game for a whole week right now. while gameplay wise its pretty solid and a massive upgrade from ZT2 and the failed xbox exclusive, so far my only complaint about the gameplay is the pathing system sucks, as much as i like gridless pathing system like in Cities Skylines, but in this game its just too wobbly and not that adaptable. and then the outrageous DLC pricing, 1/3 of the game price only for FOUR animals and a shitton of props? meanwhile in ZT2 every expansion pack got a content thats roughly half of the base game, with new features to boot. granted planet zoo base game got a plenty of features already but if the DLCs only add few animals and a shitton of props it should be atleast 1/5 or 1/6 of the base game price.

also ZT general i guess

/vst/ - Divegrass

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Today is the day /vst/,

We face /fit/ in the 4chan World Cup around 18:40 GMT, we hope to see you come along and cheer on the team and show /fit/ they are no match for tactical superiority!

Arma et Butyrum!
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Does anyone have an OWB HOI mod file from 3.1.7 or before

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Hey im looking for someone who has an OWB mod file from 3.0 too 3.1.7

This is because the archive only archives the 3.2 plus versions.

I cannot play my current campaign as it is incompatiable so if anyone posts the file it would mean a lot to me

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What is the best Total War game to get into the series that ISNT Warhammer 2? My PC cant run it very well and i dont have enough space to install it so im looking for the 2nd best alternative.
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Strategy games.

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Are there any strategy games?
Without tactical busywork of moving units and building stuff yourself, just pure thinking, management of resources, making broad orders and high level interactions with other agents according to situation and simulation doing tactical level stuff on it's own without abstracting it out completely. Also tactical level should be designed from the very start to be simulated, not just "automate" toggle.
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Is there a game like this?

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You build a castle and have to defend it from sieges. You can build however you like, just as long as you are able to withstand the sieges, so implementation of things like machicolations, loopholes, barbicans, etc. will help. Building the castle takes time and resources and you never know exactly when the enemy will attack so you better be ready.
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Hey /vst/, I'm playing Total War: Shogun 2 for the first time. Any tips for a total beginner? This is also my first total war game.
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Act of Aggression

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What went so horribly fucking wrong... TWICE
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