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Comfy Total war campaign thread

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Let's keep the shitflinging to a minimum this time
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battle brothers

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do you like two handed cleavers? i like two handed cleavers
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>yeah i'm an rts fan but i only play REAL rts like c&c and supcom, none of that gookclick shit like starcraft or aoe
>what do you mean i should play turn-based strategy if i can't handle people executing their strategies in a real-time strategy game faster than i can? 1v1 me faggot
>Twelve minutes later.
>wtf you faggot gookclicker clicking fast takes no strategy you only won because of your cheap fast clicking you people ruined rts kill yourself
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If I did this it'd be considered "blobbing" and bad sportsmanship but oh look there's a historical example and this is somehow not "blobbing" despite it being the same exact thing?
Why is the strategy community online so thin skinned?
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How to fix the stuttering in EaW

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In empire at war you will be terrorised by stuttering and lag,but in forces of corruption not.How to fix it:
1.Go to your game folder
2.Go to GameData
3.Rename "sweaw" to swfoc

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ITT: Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth II

It's definitively not the best RTS ever, but it's my favourite. Reinstalled it a couple of days ago and while I'm enjoying myself the AI is absolute crap. What's the best mod for it, Edain?
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How should you make a good spiritual successful for Alpha Centauri?

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Land of Lords

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We need a FAQ edition

last thread >>582452

Strategic Command: World War I

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I have not seen any threads about it, must be too complex for all the meme4 "le funny" zoomers here, is it that good?
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The Year is 2021, and a /pol/ user has stumbled onto a mine of infinite-cashium. He has used to money to invest into a massive airfield in the Aegean Sea and infinite amounts of military equipment with the best pilots in the world with one goal in mind, The destruction of Israel.

What's his first move, /vst/? All of Israel's radars and SAM systems are online.
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