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what about this gaem?
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EU4 DLC #37 announced

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Lobotomy Corporation/Library of Ruina/Limbus Company

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Any games where guerilla warfare is both a viable and rewarding playstyle?
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What should I do if I want to revisit WC3? I understand reforged is generally shat on, probably rightfully so, if I should avoid it can I just find my old battle chest and play just fine on a modern OS?
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Xcom - what happened to beaglerush?

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I'm getting back into xcom, about to install longwar
looked up beagle to see if he has any new campaigns to watch
havent seen him in years. what happened
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move your shiplet, cruisechad is going to leave
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Strategy games with anime waifus? (No FE)

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I know about VC, FE and trouble shooter. What are some good games with some anime waifus?
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here your new homm game bro with real time battles
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Majesty The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

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Is there any level in this game that can't be beaten by Elves + Krolm into Rage spam?
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