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WRD - Wargame Red Dragon

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make sure you have enough recons in your deck
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Advance Wars

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I miss it bros, wargroove was shit
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Graviteam Tactics Mius Front is on sale on steam right now. Is it worth getting?

From looking at some gameplay it seems like a pretty slow paced tactical sim with most of the work done in preparation rather than micromanagement, which is appealing to me.

Any particular DLC campaigns to look at?
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Is Grand Tactician the best strategy/tactics simulation, or the BEST strategy/tactics simulation?
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Comfy Total war campaign thread

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Let's keep the shitflinging to a minimum this time
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Civilization 6 thread

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The New Frontier Pass has wrapped up, now we wait to whatever happens next. To add to the speculation, Firaxis dropped this yesterday: so feel free to use your detective skills.

OP's starting question(s):
Which civilization benefited the greatest from the patch? Which could use a bit of revisiting or the patch wasn't enough?

For me the clear winners were the Khmer and Mapuche while Poland and Georgia left way too much to be desired.
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There's no actual AOE 2 discussion on the board anymore after 4's announcement did a number on it so I'm starting a new thread for it.

>Dawn of the Dukesan
>Does anyone want to play some gamesan
>I just switched to Ethiopians for the first time and holy shit they're amazingan
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So how are you enjoying patch 1.30? Hyped for update 1.32? Did you give give your tribute to our savior Johan who can do no wrong? Regret having updated your game?
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I am forgotten
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How should you make a good spiritual successful for Alpha Centauri?

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