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TNO Thread: Toolbox Theory edition

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How's the update anons, get in here and talk about the mod
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CoH3 MP Test

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Hey Anti-Relic incel/slav! AoE4 was a huge success and the COH test is today. Are you ready to cry again as the company you loathe delivers another hit?
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The hottest character from EU4.
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Should I buy it? Has anyone finished the campaign? The combat seems fun and I love the logistics system. The in UI seems kind of hard to get into. Does it get better soon after you get into it? The radar, ECM and IRST system seems to be overwhelming.
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Victoria 3

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Fire Emblem Thread

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Compared to the other games, did the team who did 3H bite off more than they could chew?

We got an class tree that doesn't really go anywhere good. White Tomefaire is useless when there's only 3-4 white magic attacks. And there's hardly any reason to reclass outside of grinding for abilities because most of the classes can use any weapon in the game.
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Did you know the USA and Mexico existed pre Columbus? I sure didn't.

EU4 thread

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Old thread has passed on, this is the new thread, I post my picture of a Byzantium => Roman Empire game ;D
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Any mods for EU4 ? I just feel there's little variation between the choices.
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Victoria 3 Subreddit in DESPERATE damage control

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Who would have thought? It is so insanely funny to me to see reddit do this every single time a company, especially ones who make strategy games, immediately jump to defend whatever shitty decisions they're putting in their games that just make them more casual friendly.
They do the exact same thing with creative assembly and Warhammer, with even the mods on their subreddit outright banning any negative discussion.
If you don't believe me go on there yourself and you will see the entire place absolutely flooded with threads talking about how great this idea is, all of them getting massive amounts of upvotes. It's insane.
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