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Total War Warhammer

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How the FUCK do you beat elves when playing Chaos in multiplayer? People just spam flying units and snipe your lords and your ranged units suck ass so you can't fight back. Do I just have to counterpick a different faction? If so which is the best faction at fucking over elves?
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Victoria II - Crimeamod

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This is a big-ticket item that just came out. Great mod, great experience, great fun, great potential, great HPM challenger and rival. Check it out, my lads:
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I just got the Dorori that's in love with Anne, what's a good build for it? I'm guessing these things aren't very sturdy.
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Comfy strategy games

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What are your comfy go-to games?
Pic related.
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Which strategy games (RTS, or turn-based) have the best modding communities?
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Baltic states got a focus tree before Italy got a rework
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Dawn of war + expansions

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Best to worst campaign ?
Best to worst skirmish ?


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Probably one of my favorite citybuilders out there, does a good job of managing flavor and gameplay. Atleast at first.
Sadly now it's a very fine example of quality going down entry by entry, though I feel that Five deserves credit for actually trying something new by forcing you to use the same islands again and again as opposed to you just being able to create an unsustainable money machine to just hit an objective with, but Four makes the best sandbox between options and general appearance and the alternative objectives you can pick lending the campaign a higher replayability factor.

Anyone else got any takes on these games? Hopes for a new game developer that'll actually take us back towards proper Dictator simulator, or do you think that sort of thing just won't be allowed to fly any more?
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X3 thread

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X3 Terran war thread
So I finally got this game, but I got three launchers, in the replies, which one should I start with
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OpenXcom thread

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Whatcha playin' anon ?
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