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3.1 patch notes just got released, so I think it's a perfect time to start a new thread.
3.1 goes live on september 14th.

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What was the last /vst/ you were actually excited for?

Is CK3 better than CK2 yet?

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discuss new patch m1
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what are some comfy city/base builders /vst/ likes?
I've been playing Dawn of Man, taking care of a tribe of grugs is pretty chill
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Europa Universalis IV Thread /eu4/

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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

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No living Amazing Cultivation Simulator thread? Let's change that.

Man, the RNG for some of the special drops from the Ancient Cultivators can be a bit frustrating to farm for, if you're after a specific one.
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Does anyone play Conquest of Elysium? Trying out CoE5 and it's pretty fun for such a random game. Music is okay as well but kind of repetitive.

What's a good class to choose when just starting out with the game?

battle brothers

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>dodge-relentless is ba...
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>strategy remasters are ba-
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