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Burgundian Inheritance as England

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Hi, I'm currently planing to do a England game where I PU France and get the Burgundian Inheritance for a massive headstart on anyone. However I found that Burgundy always rivals me and I for some reason never eclipse them, even though I have 4 times more dev than them. Any suggestions besides restarting 20 times?

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Question to Shadow empire player.
What is your take on crime syndicate, corporations and cults?
Its really fell bare bones for me and when cults are benefit, crime and corpo feel like a too much bothersome to even play with it.
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Fire Emblem thread

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Slurry of Playable Generics edition
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Warhammer Total War

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So how do you deal with dwarfs as vampires in early game? I played Kemmler and my skellies and zombies were pretty useless against the manlets in battle. I killed them eventually through auto-resolve+two full stacks. But what's the not-brainlet approach to beating them?
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Fire Emblem

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Old thread has reached the bump limit.

Why is it that they can't program the AI to do some crazy things. Like using the Warp/Rescue combo on your archer?
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How I beat this formation? I get my ass kicked by a friend in Total War Rome II, Medieval II and Warhammer II he always use this tactic formation. I tired of being jobber please help me
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Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children

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Are you playing it, anon? It is a fantastic RPG/XCOM hybrid with tons of content, great gameplay, characters and soundtrack.
Ask questions or discuss builds, waifus and whatever else comes to mind.
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How is it so elegant and modular?
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Europa Universalis IV

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The DLC subscription service is really nice.
This is my first time playing with all the DLCs, what am I in for?
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dreamhack qualifiers rn
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