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WARNO just got released into Early Access, what do we think about it?
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Can we make a list of /vst/ approved good games?

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I've been browsing on this board for a while now, and it seems like you guys hate basically every game that has come out in the past 10ish years. I'm assuming your hatred of recent games comes from playing actually good games, and since I haven't found any actually good games to play in the last few years, I'm coming to you all for recommendations.
Here's a list of a few of my favorites, and the games that got me into the simulation and strategy genre when I was really young (in no particular order):
Microsoft Train Sim, Victoria 2, Star Sector, Mount and Blade, Battle Brothers, Factorio, Civ 5, Rimworld, UBoat, AOE II, Dawn of War 2, Total War (in general the earlier the better), They are Billions, Spore, FTL, Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, SW: Empire at War, Anno 1404 & 1800, Homeworld, Ultimate General, also I guess these don't count, but I do love slower paced shooters and military games like Squad and Red Orchestra 2, with BF1942 being one of my all time favorites.
I love games with attention to detail and and simulation instead of over abstraction, Vicky 2 or M&B economics vs. EU4 mana system for example, I also realized I have no WW2 or Roman games despite those being my favorite themes. I recently tried to get into Grand Tactician and while I love the idea the execution was too janky imho. These are just games I have played and would recommend, feel free to shit on them but I'd rather hear about your favorite games and why I should be playing them, instead of why the ones I like suck.
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Terminal Conflict thread

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how have you fags not discovered it yet? i understood the game is instaclassic the moment i saw the interface and heard sound design desu, very competently made. tried reeing on russians in europe and got BTFOd. anyway how do you play this shit
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comy hex and counter wargaming thread

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>heavy infantry is countered by light infantry

what did they mean by this?
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What were some of the weirdest and worst picks for "empires" in historical strategy games like civ, age and what not? Stuff most people don't even know about like Mapuche, Lithuania, Maori, weird concepts like Civ 4 "native americans" of Civ1 Shaka with Zimbabwe as capital. To an extent also, Civs that are just in for money, like Rise of Nations giving Korea unique graphics, or how Brazil and Poland have been making it past the line over more relevant civilizations just because of buyer bases.
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Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children

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Martial Artist Irene is canon
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>looks great
>brand new mechanics
>easier to get into and jam
>badd ass mechanics that don't require you to read a whole book to get good at
Could it be any better? I'm excited how about you, bros?