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Aoe2 Villager

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Jägere. Was ich soll? Des wahre!
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Tempestlets fear the Brawler (LP).
Trannies fear the steam release.
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Graviteam Tactics

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Since the other thread is past the bump limit and on page 10 I guess I can make a new one. Hopefully the AAR anon continues his campaigns, really interesting read

Does anyone know how to make your infantry stick to the tree line? I've flanked an enemy position and want to set up a cross fire with another platoon, but they don't form a line on the road/tree line and just stand in the the open which makes them easy targets
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Strategy game's only play.

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I'll start with weird game Strength & Honour 2.

The game has eight civilizations to choose from, Rome, Carthage, Egypt, Persia and the Gauls in the West to China, the Huns and Maurya in the East.

One few game's you can be Rome and invaded china.
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>One of the biggest RTS franchises ever
>16 years since last game
>Comes out in a month
>No one is talking about it, zero hype
What went wrong?
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Never played total war before but friend offered his copy of pic related.

Is this a good game to start with to try the TW franchise?

battle brothers

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>dodge-relentless is ba...
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This shit would make for the greatest wargame/gsg out there. Love how strong fortifications were during the time, how meaningful every little loss of man was, internal politics, class struggles, logistics, weather, seasons, diplomacy. Reading thukydides account ruined Imperator for me but also made me think of how i would tweak and adjust the mechanics to redo the game. The book also gives a great perspective on how difficult it is to maintain control over a land in a pre-digital society with pre-modern states, and what a revolution the roman army and state was.
Anyway, are there any games that do attempt to do justice to this conflict or ancient warfare in general?
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