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Warhammer Total War

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So how do you deal with dwarfs as vampires in early game? I played Kemmler and my skellies and zombies were pretty useless against the manlets in battle. I killed them eventually through auto-resolve+two full stacks. But what's the not-brainlet approach to beating them?
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Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children

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Are you playing it, anon? It is a fantastic RPG/XCOM hybrid with tons of content, great gameplay, characters and soundtrack.
Ask questions or discuss builds, waifus and whatever else comes to mind.
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How is it so elegant and modular?
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Europa Universalis IV

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The DLC subscription service is really nice.
This is my first time playing with all the DLCs, what am I in for?
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dreamhack qualifiers rn
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Age of Empires III: DE - The African Royals Official Trailer

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Talk about the greatest RTS of all time
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med 2 mod thread

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itt we talk about based med 2 mods and why they are based

Post your favorite med 2 total war mods and why you like them.
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I'm developing a browser game for /vst/

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The idea is that all players are statesmen (not rulers or generals) of a nation, and they vote on what action to perform every turn (which will take 10 seconds) and compete against other player-led nations.

I intend this game to be complex with a low low-learning curve so it is easy to get into but hard to master, with this complexity I mean it has:
>closed economy (each province has private and public wealth)
>pops with ethnicity and religion, who migrate and revolt
>knights who duel and commands
>governments that function differently
>rulers whose stats impact everything
>forts that protect nations
>barbarians that destroy everything
>it has pie charts.
So, the goal is to make it much more than just a map painter.

Because one setting/map will get tiresome after a while, I intend to make several maps on which players will able to vote every round.

Possible actions include:

>invade a province
>colonize a province
>plunder a province
>fortify a province
>recruit a knight
>assassinate a knight
>collect taxes
>raise taxes
>purge dissidents
>hunt outlaws

Because this game will be for /vst/ (even if nobody ends up playing it), I might as well ask for any suggestions.
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>Coatl and Troglodons were confirmed earlier
>Ghorgons and Jabberslythes confirmed
>Wargors confirmed
>Skink Oracles turned into heroes with their own sets of spells
>Great Bray Shamans as FLC
>The mysterious Dwarf LL
Game 2 is ending with a loud bang it seems.
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