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TNO: Last Days of Hoi4

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TNOfags continue toosing with a new diary.

Can someone who knows economics tell me if this is good or some agendaposting bullshit.
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move your shiplet, cruisechad is going to leave
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Biggest RTS failures

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Pic related came out in 2015. I remember being hyped thinking it would be like a spiritual successor to C&C generals but on a bigger scale like Red Dragon.... What a massive letdown!

>3 resources instead of just 1 simple resource
>All the unit's are pretty expensive kinda killing macro, so spam is out
>Can't really micro anything either CoH style there's just no mechanic's for it

It's like they couldn't decide whether to copy generals somewhat spammy but fun gameplay or CoHs small tactical but still fun gameplay. In the end they ended up with this barrel of fail that appeals to neither fanbase.

What other RTS failures/letdowns have disappointed you guys?
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So I am playing as Austria and I barely beat Napoleon and I'm struggling controlling Paris while Spain keeps sending me shit by sea harassing my trade ports.

I am allied with Prussia, Russia and Great Britain (the last two have limited access to my territories) and all three are at war against France and Spain, but they don't do absolutely anything, the only action I have see so far is the Swiss raping a Russian army and that's it.

Question is, wtf is going? am I doing something wrong or the AI is pure dogshit?

Also this board need a thread for stupid questions like mine.

Fallout Tactics

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Let's talk about the red-headed step child of Fallout RPG series.
Anyone done successful Iron Man run before? Kinda tempted to give it a try.
I've already finished the game with normal saves a while ago, and I liked the atmosphere well enough.
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What are the best gunpowder games? As in, any era or setting that uses them. Already played the Total War games, Vic 2 + Eu4, and Ultimate General: Civil War.
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>Mines are dangerous to china
>Upgrade Complete: Land Mines
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Songs of syx

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Anyone else playing this City builder / 4x / dwarf fortress like game with combat and stuff

>minority races commit most of the crime
>one townsfolk gets murded a few days in
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What went wrong?
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Should I buy it? Has anyone finished the campaign? The combat seems fun and I love the logistics system. The in UI seems kind of hard to get into. Does it get better soon after you get into it? The radar, ECM and IRST system seems to be overwhelming.
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