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No one ever talks about this, why?

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I've played Endless Space 2 a lot, and just recently started Stellaris. Maybe it's because I haven't played enough, but I feel more immersed in Endless Space 2. I can roleplay better ironically at ES2 despite Stellaris's customization. I'm not sure, maybe I should play Stellaris more.
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ohhhh polond you are look of very strong !!! mebbe 3batten game you not so bad after alll !!!

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>Ancient wise Native American tribes finally get the representation they deserve
Freakin’. Sweet.

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>new economy system is based on true and tested marxian principles
damn im liking what im hearing
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Do you think Microsoft is going to do anything with Starcraft?
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>will feature one of the most epic and badass empires of all time, The OttoFreakinMan Empire
heeeellllll yeeeaaaahhh bitches. im ready to get in and jam this freakin sweet vidya

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>boring shitty war system removed
yeahhhh baby
>badass freakin economy system looks sweet and tight
unf unf oh yeah
>sick 3d graphics to keep you interested in the game unlike the boring 2d shit in Victoria 2
any over bros here gonna bang out some fucking Victoria 3 when this baby drops
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>creepy racist nerds can no longer press button to form germania and genocide all minorities
hell frickin yeah bitch. what are the little things about victoria 3 or Vicky 3 as I like to call it that make you wanna Get In and Jam

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What went wrong?
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