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what codex do I pick?
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The Campaign Trail is a (sadly unfinished) browser game that lets you simulate the results of historical US presidential elections. Unfortunately no new campaigns have been added despite developer promises, but I'm going for a schizo Bush run just to spice things up.
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Can somebody tell me why everyone is still obsessed with this game after 15 full years?

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Game is older than the average /v/ user and doesn't seem to have aged that well. Is the whole thing just because of the setting or does the game have actual redeemable qualities?
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Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront

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Why aren't you playing it? It's fun.
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Victoria 2 Thread

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What faction/s you like to play the most?
What do you expect from TWWIII?
How thorough will the Warriors of Chaos rework look like?
Anyone hopes for Nagash to be a playable LL in his own right and a End-Game Crisis when controlled by the AI?

You cucks are forking out hundreds of dollars to Firaxis when Freeciv exists

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Freeciv is the quintessential civ experience. No bloat, no gimmiks. Just straight up empire management. Comes in isometric, hex or non hex, whatever you prefer
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game with the best space combat?

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I want ships exploding to bits in the vast nothingness of space, which game does space combat the best?
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>basic infantry is the coolest looking unit in the game
>you don't need them after a while because you have tanks or some other shit
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>no mods
>no community
>barely any cracked copy exists online
why did it die? It's a shame because the concept is actually pretty cool.
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