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Europa Universalis 3 "ULTIMATE VERSION"

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I'm creating an EU3 "Ultimate Version" mod, which builds up on Magna Mundi Ultimate 1.26 with CMod, & I have the autism to do it properly. It will go in line with MM's general purpose: give more realism, balance and depth to the game, not add random provinces in Rwanda.

The main issue I have is modding the physical map. I think the gameplay is great and I've grown accustomed to the map mod used in MM but new players will probably look at it and think "this is SHIT" Sicily east of Tunisia, islands that are just spots on the map or don't even appear at all (like Faroe and many pacific ones) & the map is really low-res.

The problem lies in the fact that MM & submods were released for EU3's HTTT expansion & are not ported for DW, the last one. DW changed the base-map from HTTT from an 1872x720 to an 5616x2160 image size, the same as Vic2's map, so people managed to mod the visually better Vic map into DW (ie "CanOmer's mod"). Same hasn't been done to HTTT & thus to the mods the vast majority of people played EU3 on.

There are currently no better map mods for HTTT than the one used in MM. But if someone could do something about it - port the map from Vic2 to HTTT, especially with the MM provinces (but even with no provinces at all & just a workable physical map would do it) or even just do some changes in the land shape of the HTTT map (like properly distancing Europe from Africa, adding the missing islands in their actual shape & correcting the size of the continents) then I think the "Ultimate Version" would be attractive to more new people.

I can work everything for the mod, but not anything in regards to the physical map - I change 1 pixel on the images & it stops working. If anyone could help with a HTTT map mod to be included in the Ultimate Version, or even with just a tutorial or link to a tutorial on how to properly edit the map (as I can't find any), it would be credited and greatly appreciated.

TL;DR: LOOKING FOR EU3 HTTT map modders.
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Strategy Games have the Best music

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Do FPS games like Doom Eternal and System Shock that have management resource for different enemies count as strategy game.

I mean, personally, I think that strategy games have the BEST music in all genres, and if that alone, Doom Eternal is obviously a FPS/Strat game.

I mean Overwatch is a FPS game made by strategy game company, and is why they have some of the best music as well.
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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds

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Expanding Fronts just updated with the Confederacy graphical overhaul, so let's have an SWGB thread. To start off, what are your:
>favorite civilization
>favorite map
>favorite unit
>most-wanted civilization

For me, it's gotta be
>Repeater Trooper
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Shadow Empire thread

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Stable update finally, 1.09. Gauss weapons were made better and pushed earlier into the tech tree so there's less reason to skip them for lasers. Bunch of other minor shit.
Anyone else notice menu slowdown on turn 100+?
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Empire at war bros, i need some good mods
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Post your current sects, I want to see what you're all up to. I feel like whenever anyone else talks about the game they almost never show their sect or talk about the specifics of it at all.

>What is Amazing Cultivation Simulator?
It's a Chinese Wuxia / Xianxia (more the former) Sect building simulator where you recruit disciples and train them up with cultivation through various tiers of power. Looks like Rimworld but is fairly dissimilar.
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How do you set up hotkeys in RTS games? WASD for movement and surrounding keys for various actions? Or do you scroll the camera with the mouse?
I honestly don't understand how people back then thought it was acceptable to play RTS with movement keys being the arrow keys.
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What's your favourite faction in heroes of might and magic?
For me it's Blood Sorceress
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Distant Worlds 2

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Will it be better than Stellaris? I bough it on release and we all know how the game turned out in the end. Is Code Force more competent than Paradox?
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Endless Space 2

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Do you guys actually follow the suggested research options it gives you? Or is it better to ignore and focus on what you personally want/need?
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