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she is pretty i want to kiss her
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>still no CK3 port
I suffer ...
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Examples of good perma death

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Are there been any strategy games where permadeath has been good?
What would it take for you to not reload the save when your star character dies?

Is there any incentives that can be given?
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HoI4 Modding thread

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Yeah I know that this is probably the fifth Heart of Cancer 4 thread but someone atleast gotta made a thread about it. Anyway what's mod are you playing?
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Victoria 3

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>Why yes, I'm thinking COH 2 is the best RTS game ever made, with the best RTS combat, balance, physics, atmosphere, audio design and voice lines, graphics, GUI, campaign and deep core gameplay.
>In fact I would be making as far to say it is probably the greatest strategy game of all time.
How could you tell?
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Humankind thread

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Mughals best culture
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What was the last /vst/ you were actually excited for?
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Fire Emblem

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lets talk about fire emblem.
>what is your favorite game?
>who is your favorite character?
>what is the worst game in your opinion?
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I wish that I were as swift as the /Total War Attila Thread/.
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