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mysterious strategy games

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Mainlander Chinese are ruining my game

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I work for Shiro Games. Our most popular game is Northgard. After much fighting with my team, I finally managed to convince them to divert resources to the multiplayer scene, so we can build up a player base. It's been working. We went from an average of 900 players per day a year ago to 3200 today. Great, right? Well...

The most popular game mode is FFA, or free for all. Most games are fine, people play normally and they play to win. However, every once in a while you get some players who troll hard and win trade. It's not fun and it makes the experience miserable for everyone. I noticed that when players did this they almost always had Chinese names. I didn't have proof, though, until we implemented our reporting system. Through sheer volume of reports I was able to find all the players who grief and troll and make the experience miserable for everyone. They are almost all Chinese.

I brought this up to the team lead and the rest of the team and suggested either banning Chinese IP's or forcing them to play on a Chinese only server. I was immediately met with the complaint that this was 'racist' of me to suggest. In fact, I'm on unpaid leave now and may even end up being terminated.

So there you have it. I have undeniable evidence that the overwhelming majority of grieving, trolling, and bad manners play is coming from China (PRC) and yet I'm supposed to pretend this isn't the case because it's 'racist'.
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Strategy games with anime waifus? (No FE)

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I know about VC, FE and trouble shooter. What are some good games with some anime waifus?
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what about this gaem?
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Talk about the greatest RTS of all time
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Grabbed pic related on GOG a while back and now I'm finally getting around to playing it. Any tips?
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HoI4 Modding thread

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Yeah I know that this is probably the fifth Heart of Cancer 4 thread but someone atleast gotta made a thread about it. Anyway what's mod are you playing?
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Ultimate General Civil War

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This any good? Does the AI cheat too much? Is the campaign mode interesting?
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Can I shill a new mod for HOI4 a bit? I really liked it
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Yet another FE thread

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Post rom hacks you like and pictures of why EST'S always end up disappointing
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