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Post your current sects, I want to see what you're all up to. I feel like whenever anyone else talks about the game they almost never show their sect or talk about the specifics of it at all.

>What is Amazing Cultivation Simulator?
It's a Chinese Wuxia / Xianxia (more the former) Sect building simulator where you recruit disciples and train them up with cultivation through various tiers of power. Looks like Rimworld but is fairly dissimilar.
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Endless Space 2

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Do you guys actually follow the suggested research options it gives you? Or is it better to ignore and focus on what you personally want/need?
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>Cabin pressure dropping!
>Frigate lost.
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Are there any games similar to DRUIDSTONE ?
This game is underrated as fuck, it's a 9/10 but it's quite short
I'm looking for games similar to this
>tactics / turn-based game
>game is made out of several (non random) levels
>you level up characters
>can replay older maps once they are completed
>each map has a star rating and several bonus objectives that you're required to do if you want to 100% the game
Any similar games?

Age of Empires

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>counter yellow's Trireme spam with my own
>try to destroy their docks for a moment of peace on sea
>they rebuild docks too insanely quick for that to be a possibility
>okay let's try to kill Regulus first then
>spam both elephant units, centurions, and Heliopolis
>overrun at the very edge of his city

Real Time vs Turn Based in Fallout: Tactics

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I want to give this game another shot but I was curious which mode /vst/ recommends for playing the game as well as any unofficial patches worth taking. Last time I tried it was in real-time but the controls and general game pace felt bizarre but I understand the game was balanced around this mode. Is it worth sticking with or should I just switch to squad turn-based?
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How does this mod handle nukes?
How can the timeline even go so late with all out war still being possible?

top 10 worst units in this game

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a while ago i did a thread about the ten best mods for generals and thought i should think about the worst rather than the best, but this time for units. There's a lot of them. Which ones suck the most, or were just overshadowed by better units?
10. Crusader - standard USA tank. It's a basic unit that moves at an ok pace and has a cannon. You can buy drones for it so it can heal itself, and it's also the best tank when compared with china's battlemaster and gla's scorpion. The reason its on the list is because no USA player gives a shit about tanks and just humvee spams with rocket soldiers.
9. Dragon tank - It hurts me to put this here. It really does. I know how useful they are early on in the game to kill enemy supplies and the flame wall is a nice ability, but they're so fucking weak against anything that isn't a soldier. Plus slow as fuck. Still good for killing buildings.
8. Stealth fighter - Not sure why this is called a fighter in game since the f117 is technically a bomber, but whatever. Nobody uses these things. They do good damage to enemy base defenses and are camouflaged, but for killing defenses you're better off with artillery. USA units are expensive too.
7. Tomahawk - Another vehicle I am reluctant to hate on. This serves as america's only artillery unit, and it's the weakest of the three when compared to china's nuke cannon or gla's scud launcher. At least it can self heal with drones.
6. Hijackers - A weird one to talk about. They suck, but only the ones for vanilla GLA. You need to be rank 3 to use them, waste a generals point, and even then, he's only stealthed when not moving. The stealth generals hijackers kick ass because they're camo no matter what.
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Stronghold thread

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crusader skirmish trail edition

what was the hardest mission for you?
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stargate rts by slytherine

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couldn't find much info about which team is making it, or which games they've made so far but this article says it's going to be an rts following an oc donut steel team (not sg-1) and mostly original locations
there's a teaser in there and it says it's the people who did bsg: deadlock and starship troopers terran command (not yet released) but i'm not sure if it's literally the same people working on it.

thoughts? hyped? mildly interested? convinced it's gonna suck ass? i'm mildly interested because i love stargate and both battlestar galactica deadlock was decent (of course i pirated, it's got 30 dlcs) and the upcoming st game looks good but not great.
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