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>scouts your base
What do you do, Anons?
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What game will best allow me to make the Aztec empire great again?

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Another HOI4 thread: Kaiserredux edition
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The Last Spell

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Anyone have any opinions on this game? I was thinking of picking it up despite the early access, but I thought I'd ask the audience about it first. How's the difficulty and replayability? Is it something you finish once and never touch again?
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Is this game any good?

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Found it on Steam, looked interesting to me. Is syrian warfare good?
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>democracies can't declare wars

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What were they thinking?
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Total war Troy

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Looks like TW Troy is going full mythical with a new update and steam release.
I guess CA stopped pretending 3K and Troy were history games, by announcing a new 3K that's more like DW and now this tease for Troy.
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Is this the hardest video game out there?
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Good games focusing on navy?

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I love managing navy in Video games, whether it is managing few ships in aoe or building and managing a navy in hoi4 or any other game, I just love navy stuff. It is epic seeing these giant ships and controlling them or raiding with some submarines. Often times I find myself focusing on navy more than on my army.

What are some good games that focus on navy/are based around naval combat? Doesn't have to be a strategy game but I'd prefer one.

And no, not World of warships.

Thx for suggestions
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Stellaris "Custodian Initative"

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