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Wat good game set in greatest country?

Total War: Warhammer mod brainstorm

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Stop shitposting and brainstorm design of actual realistic to make overhaul mod to fix as much as it is possible in this series. Even if we won't make one lets what-if.

>Every region is now it's own province. Give every region as big amount of building slots as it is possible.
More important settlements are now more important because they start with unique buildings already built and on higher tier. You shouldn't need to build Colleges of Mages in Altdorf when they were already built thousand years before Karl Franz. But if you put care then you can develop any city with time instead of meeting arbitrary limits. Also it will help AI because it will now be able to do their job no matter in which city it puts it's buildings
>Tech now unlocks units, formations, actual upgrades and buildings
TW:W has the worst tech tree I ever saw in any strategy game ever. Even CK2 is better. You don't unlock anything meaningful with technology. Only shallow buffs. It's ridiculous.
>Remove redundant units (like Empire spearmen without shields, Helf archers without armor) and put upgrade system like in Medieval 2 into the game.
Greenskins already have such system and there is no reason for only one faction to have it. Like with more mechanics anyway.
>Introduce formations and make abilities actually do something truly tactical instead of buffs
For example BlOrc "Armed to da Teef" should let you switch between weapons on this unit, not be a shitty buff. This should be possible to do since units can even transform into another one in TW:W3. Maybe even dismounting could be done with that.
>Some units can only be recruited in certain locations and their recruitment is on "cooldown"
Black Guard of Naggarond can only be recruited in Naggarond for example, not fucking everywhere and at any time in one fucking turn. This will effectively and naturally limit doomstacking instead of introducing arbitrary unit caps and will give actual value to capturing unique settlements.
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Economic strategy games

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I've played Civ 4 Colonisation and learned that I enjoy it way more than Civ 4 just because of it having actual economy and resource managment, as well as being focused on one time period instead of just going through eras without properly exploring any of them. Are there any good strategy games with detailed economy other than this, anno, imperialism, vicky 2 or settlers?

Also Colonisation thread I guess
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Command & Conquer

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aka come on do something already EA
>more remasters or a new game
>did Generals 2 have a chance
>are you still playing C&C
>best campaign in series
>best mods
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/economics and diplomacy/

post your favorites

retards need not reply

>Pic: Plutocracy (Steam), create a character and begin your game as a mid to late 1800's businessman. Corner your selection of markets (like oil, steel, transport, etc) by buying shares of companies and managing them properly. Has politics (lobbying and such) and stock market. Devs are clever and dedicated
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>game sells poorly and has mixed reviews
>first DLC is shit no one asked for
This is probably the first Amplitude game that was a stinker. Not counting the DLC made by the argentinians for EL and ES2
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is it worth it?
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any games like xcom ?

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that are human vs human
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Rome Remastered

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New factions incoming in the next patch for the RTR:IS mod.

As much as I enjoy the other mods, RTR:IS has been reliably stable and polished than all the others. This is a good go-to while other mods stabilize.
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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

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There is no better rts for newcomers/nor is there a better rts than this one and I’m tired of acting like that’s not the case.
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