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Good games focusing on navy?

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I love managing navy in Video games, whether it is managing few ships in aoe or building and managing a navy in hoi4 or any other game, I just love navy stuff. It is epic seeing these giant ships and controlling them or raiding with some submarines. Often times I find myself focusing on navy more than on my army.

What are some good games that focus on navy/are based around naval combat? Doesn't have to be a strategy game but I'd prefer one.

And no, not World of warships.

Thx for suggestions
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Stellaris "Custodian Initative"

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Obscure/less-known Strategy games thread: The return of

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Post stuff here that noone but you have ever played (or so you had thought) or/and you never heard anyone talk about - outside some ancient on-line forums only you had visited...
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Mount & Blade - Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm

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Does anyone have the patch for it? The 4shared website the modder linked seems to have expired or something so I can't get the patch.

Feel free to discuss M&B in general.

Warcraft 3

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How do I play the non reforged version?
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Continuing from >>669537
What faction/s you like to play the most?
What do you expect from TWWIII?
How thorough will the Warriors of Chaos rework look like?
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>pick up homm3 on sale from gog after being recommended it
>fun game everything is going well
>get to the mission "steadwick's fall" in the campaign
>literally impossible
Genuinely spent about 5 hours playing and replaying this mission and losing in a new way everytime.

Best I ever did was get all the way to the castle within the time limit only to get the shit smacked out of me by the garrison.
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Any cocoa world near starting position in civ 6?

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Hi! Yeah can u pls help me find a good starting seed containing cocoa?? I also want to know the map size, and all the other stuff that effects the world generation. I
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Remember when Koei made games that weren't set in the Three Kingdoms or Sengoku eras?
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/vst/ OpenTTD Server

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We've got a server running:

>name: /vst/
>password: trains

OpenTTD is a free, open source reverse engineering of Transport Tycoon Deluxe. You can get it here:

I ran a poll a while back in the other thread >>502894 asking what people wanted from a server. Hard or noob friendly. It was split 50/50, so it's an intermediate server, but nothing a new player couldn't jump into.
>New trains, planes, ships and road vehicles
>Many newGRFs for making pretty stations
>FIRS 4 industry replacement set (basic). Flowchart here:
>Renewed Village Growth script: Towns and Cities have certain passenger and cargo requirements you need to meet before they will grow. No more blobbing with 4 bus stations.
>Nerfed planes, nerfed passengers (still pretty OP), increased costs for infrastructure upkeep, expensive water terraforming
>Cargo distribution for passengers and mail (i.e they have real destinations)

If you are new, you can watch these tutorials: (ignore the ugly graphics set)
More advanced stuff:
Also go ahead and ask lots of questions here, or while playing.
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