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Any games where guerilla warfare is both a viable and rewarding playstyle?
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>visit /vst/
>no Warlords thread
How unchivalrous. How goes your Etherian conquest, Warlords chads?
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>turtle up
>make a bunch of artillery
>bombard the enemy into submission
Ah, yup.
This is the good life.
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Advanced Wars

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Why was Advanced wars one of the best turn based strategy games ever when it came out on the Gameboy Advance?
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Punk Wars: Prologue

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Red Flood

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>schizo intellectuals
>footnotes upon footnotes
>literal whos from
Literally a war themed art simulator.
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I am forgotten...
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Please don't go. The drones need you. They look up to you.

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Silent hunter / Sub sims thread

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COH2 - Company of Heroes 2 thread

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Norn Iron edition

How is that 1vs1 ladder climbing going bros?
How are you enjoying COH2 at the moment?
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