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Phoenix Point

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Setting aside the kickstarter > EGS timed exclusive shitshow, is the game itself good?
Will I enjoy it as someone dissatisfied with the simplified nature of the X-Com reboot and kind of annoyed at X-Com 2's idea of difficulty and complexity?
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Creeper World 4 Co-op

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Looks like CW4 is getting a co-op mode added in the next few weeks. It looks like for standard maps, players share control of the human side and it essentially just allows for extra micromanagement through more players, but in co-op specific maps, there's multiple bases similar to CW3's ability to have up to 3 which have their own separate economies until joined.

Pretty excited to see the upcoming maps for it, while I don't think co-op will add a whole lot of strategic depth, I said the same about the 3D view and was proven wrong, so perhaps people will find interesting scenarios to design with it.

Obscure strategy games continued

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Strategy game ideas

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Every strategy video game idea you have in the back of your mind, or you daydream about.
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So what are the implications of hex grids as opposed to square grids? Was there a deeper reason why modern strategy usually goes in for hexes, or is it really just because civ 5 did it on a whim and everybody else mindlessly followed the leader?
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What are your thoughts on Jagged Alliance 1 and Deadly Games? Is 1 worth playing or should I skip straight to Deadly Games? I've only ever played JA2 but I'd like to try the original to mix things up.
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Grand strategy but without that one Swedish company

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what's your favorite?
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Campaignposting thread

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It doesn't matter whether it's mainstream things like Civ, Total War and Paradox, or more obscure games; it doesn't matter if it's simple blobbing, or a curious situation you need advice for. Post 'em.

Returned to TWR2 for a while, trying out the desert kingdoms. So far Saba is pretty similar to eastern factions, weakening the enemy with horse archers before pinning their troops and delivering crushing blows with superheavy cataphracts.
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