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Campaignposting thread

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It doesn't matter whether it's mainstream things like Civ, Total War and Paradox, or more obscure games; it doesn't matter if it's simple blobbing, or a curious situation you need advice for. Post 'em.

Returned to TWR2 for a while, trying out the desert kingdoms. So far Saba is pretty similar to eastern factions, weakening the enemy with horse archers before pinning their troops and delivering crushing blows with superheavy cataphracts.
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ITT: Games only YOU played

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Pic unrelated, since I know there is 1 other person on /vst/ who has played it.
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Looking for group

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Post your group and what you are looking for or if you are looking to join a group for mp strategy games.
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Evil Genius 2

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Discuss this game and what needs to be fixed.
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Stellaris retarded economy

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>resource at +300
>suddenly goes down to -200
>no idea what the fuck could be the cause
>there's no way to look at previous months' income/expenditures table to compare and see what went wrong
>get desperate
>start doing and undoing a bunch of shit at the same time
>eventually resource goes back to green, no idea why
>repeat ad infinitum
wtf is wrong with this game's economy? It fluctuates so hard and sudden. It's straight up unplayable this way.
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New RTS game came out and I've zero thing about it. Has a demo and I'm about halfway through, has anyone played it? There's something off about the interface that doesn't have the smoothness in used to with other titles, but the little I've played it's okay, might be worth the 20 bucks, though it hurts my eyes to play it a bit
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Workers & Resources - Soviet Republic

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How are you enjoying the new updates?

Beginning work on a harbor/industrial zone
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Lost Technology

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Anyone played this? Looks like a japanese Total War.
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A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism Thoughts for a Newcomer?

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I'm a new comer to the series and wondered if anybody can give me their thoughts on this title or the series as a whole. The hardcore business simulation genre has me intrigued.

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I'm curious to try this, is it safe to play yet