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Strategy Flash Games
Post your favorite pieces of childhood nostalgia. I know you can hear glorious morning.
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Just started playing Civ V. Never played a Civ game before in my life. I'm having a lot of fun.

Is Civ V really considered the 'best' Civ game? Which is your favourite game?
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Civilization: Revolution

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Does anyone remember this shit at all? Holy fucking shit it was so weird
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It has been nearly five months since the announcement trailer and we still do not have a release date, what the fuck is going on? Is this next update/expansion really that big?
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The end is finally over MEIOUbros, we are finally going home

>We are proud to announce that after over a year in Closed Alpha, the day you've all been waiting for is nigh! Today, we have released the final Closed Alpha, which now includes the first draft of Dei Gratia! With this alpha, we feel the mod is sufficiently complete to warrant feedback from the wider community, though it is surely incomplete. After two weeks of alpha feedback, MEIOU & Taxes 3.0 will be entering Open Alpha on Sunday, October 17th, and will be made publicly available for all to play on EUIV v1.30.6
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Stainless steel is the best total war game
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Zero k

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what are some comfy city/base builders /vst/ likes?
I've been playing Dawn of Man, taking care of a tribe of grugs is pretty chill
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Why Is HoI4 So Controversial And Divisive?

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I cannot think of another game that simultaneously has such extreme fans and also so many haters.

HoI4 has threads about how much people dislike it as well as threads about how great it is. No other game is like this.

What is it about thr HoI4 formula that is so divisive?
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What /vst/ think about Master of Orion (2016)?
I think it's good especially with mods like WhatisSol's UCP - that fixes many game bugs and Spud Dastardly's 5X - that rebalances the game and add many new features especially Ultimate Balance Mod but if you like vanilla then 5X Lite also is good.
Developers added these modders to game credits because of they importancy to the game.
Too bad that Wargaming stoped supporting it.
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