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Will there ever be any competitor to the TW genre? It's honestly a mystery that nobody has made a serious effort to make a clone of the earlier TW games in recent memory, considering how toxic and fragmented the franchise's fanbase is becoming. If someone did, it would be a huge success. Here's what I have seen so far:
>Imperial Glory (pic related)
The definitive TW clone, they shamelessly copied the RTW style almost fully and added very good naval battles. However, this was released when CA was still beloved by all, so it was not necessary, therefore it was seen as a cheap knockoff and failed.
>Manor lords
Looks great but it's not the same genre at all.
>Real Warfare 2
No grand strategy aspect, only battles - pointless
>Ancestor's Legacy
Not the same, you can't even construct buildings.
>Knights of Honor II
Looks great, but, again, not the same genre - the grand strategy is real-time based and more similar to paradox games.

Will we ever see it? Whoever simply copies one of the universally beloved titles on a new engine with greater capabilities will make a lot of money. But nobody seems interested