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Getting raided by everyone

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Organized discord shitposters and newfags are outright attacking the board these last few days.
They make shitty one line bait/vapid statement threads
The discord fags forced the word gookclick into existence over the span of a day
Even a bit of leftypol trannoid raiders slipped in attempting to make this board shallow normie political discourse.
Frogposters became common over a day also.

Stop the board being flooded by shit content, you can only watch its forced destruction

You can only hide threads, use filters and reply only to good content
Point and shame shitposters or foreigners, they are not to be considered members of this board ever, that is the exception of the no reply and hide rule
This board will eventually be floooded by bots and shills as well, filters and no replies to bot politics/bait will allow the original userbase to have islands of decently accessible content.
Best of luck, I love this board and wish you the best.

PS:Paradox fags have no place on this board, Hoi3 is acceptible