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Graviteam Tactics: Masterpiece?

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The Pro's
>Massive 1:1 scale real time battles
>Even time itself is scaled 1:1
>Ridiculously deep simulation, wind, air temperature and moisture affects trajectories, temperatures affect viscosity of fuel oil in vehicles, blood loss, organ damage and failure of individual troops affects ability to either fight on or live, every armour plate thickness on every vehicle and impacts of all types of projectile simulated, chance of penetration fully calculated, shells breaking up and fragments pinging around inside the tank causing damage to crew, systems and equipment etc
>Most realistic command and communications system modeled on realities of battlefield comms, voice, telephone, radio, signal flares etc
>Massive battlefields, hundreds of square kilometres topographically accurate depictions based on satellite imagery and air recon photography from the time
>Understanding and use of real world tactics not only helpful, they are essential in order to do well
>Battlefield deformation and persistence, craters from artillery, destroyed buildings, wrecked equipment, dead troops, destroyed buildings etc litter the field for the rest of the operation
>Incredibly kino, manages to conjure atmosphere like no other game out there, from the lighting to the landscape, it's a wonderfully evocative representation of man killing man in the natural world.
>Weather and day/night cycles fully simulated, the sun rises or falls, mist hangs in the air but may slowly clear if that's what was reported by commanders at the time, heavy rain and snow severely affects not just your units ability to see but also to hear the enemy