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>Current Stream:【Night Delivery】The Things You Do For Social Construct

>Guest Appearance: OLLIE'S DEADllie FUN TOTSUMACHI//CALL-INS!!【Hololive Indonesia 2nd Gen】

>First Superchat VOD:

>Debut VOD:

#ourokronii (General)
#krotime (Streams)
#kronillust (Art)
#kroniijokes (Memes)
#kroniirotic (Unofficial Tag for NSFW Art)

>Handy links:
Kronii's Zatsudan BGM:
Kronii's Game BGM:

>Current Schedule:
10/14 - BREAK
10/15 - BREAK
10/16 - Hollow Knight @ 8PM PST / 11PM EST, (10/17) 3AM GMT, 12PM JST

>If you can't do timezones, consult the following:

>Previous Thread:

>Current Bond Level: 3.5

>Fanfic Listing:

>Fanart Gallery:

>Clock Sounds:
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