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Iida Pochi/Pochimaru

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Pochi-sensei collabing with Ollie soon. APEX stuff. Please watch.
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If Anya's thread dies one more time I will bomb Hiroshimoot's house.
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follow yoroshiku
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夏色まつり Natsuiro Matsuri

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>Who is Natsuiro Matsuri?

A rookie on the Cheerleading Team. Cheerful and affectionate, her pleasant attitude means she gets along with everyone. She has a lot of friends, and loves festivals and events.

Debut date: June 1, 2018

Birthday: July 22nd

Height: 152 cm

Fanbase name: Matsurisu

Illustrator: Minamura Haruki

Official Line Account:

Art Hashtag: #祭絵
R18 Hashtag: #まつりは絵っち

>Clips and Highlights

Funny Clips
Matsuri’s Band-aid Story -
Mario Cat Tsukkomi -
Crazy English Quiz -
Matsuri Rap -
Hololive Resistance -
Kamen Rider Voiceover -
Matsuri goes to a fan’s Animal Crossing -
Matsuri’s swimsuit

Dancing Clips
Marine Dance Lesson
Matsuri dances for an entire stream -

Singing Clips
Matsuri sings Natsu Matsuri -
Matsuri sings Part of Your World -
Matsuri sings summertime -
Matsuri sings Let it Go -
Matsuri sings Fansa at HoloFes 1 -

Serious Clips
Matsuri talks about Luna -
Matsuri on Hoshikawa -
Matsuri on her weight -
Matsuri and Hero -
Matsuri and APEX -
Matsuri on Haters -
Matsuri on From 1st -

Relaxing Clips
Imitating Various Holomembers -
Matsuri on her Dad -
Why Matsuri became a Vtuber -
Matsuri in the bath -

Space Archive:

Matsuri Archive -

Game: Matsurisu Panic

Feel free to suggest more clips below, and I'll add them to this list!

Last thread: >>691911111
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Horny Thread - Tako Love Edition

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VTuber/Hololive Koikatsu Card
Horny Threads image dump:
MMD VTuber : (Iwara aggregator site)
Fu-x-x-ko :
NLO @NLO28636331 Twitter backup ::
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Post smug chuubas

I can't believe she was ahead of her time bros

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Would the hololive fan base survive a Fubuki suicide stream?
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/keg/ - Kat Eastwood General

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Local Kat is live in ~30 minutes. New model coming soon!!

Previous Thread: >>6970776
Today's game: No More Heroes -

Is it Kaht-riss-VR or is it Ka-Trys-VR?
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