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白銀ノエル Shirogane Noel

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Song and clip archive
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/ahoy/ - 宝鐘マリン Houshou Marine

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4chan meme review

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Ayunda Risu

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Previous thread >>3596493
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>be me
>have only ever watched Marine clips
>based off of those clips, find Marine to be a shallow coomer no better than VShojo
>decide that this isn't fair; those clips could be cherry-picking her content
>decide to watch a full Marine stream
>six seconds in "I'M HORNY!"
>click off
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Was Soda hired through audition or mafia clan style?

/ag/-Architecture General

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Hags! edition

Thread question: what made (you) fixated on architecture?
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post polka oruka owaruka poruka
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Is Iofi menhera or not?
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What is the most disastrous screenshot you have?
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