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Amber Glow

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Bing bing wahoo time
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Uto + Nabi & Fam

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Cutest Family Edition
Previous thread >>6648800

-Nabi created a separate twitter account for her vtubing activities
-Nabi did an illustration for Melon Books and there is various merch.
-Uto's original song "Under the sky" has been released.
-The MV has unfortunately been delayed

Amatsuka Uto:
Schedule - n/a

Aoi Nabi: (guerilla KR streams)
Schedule - n/a

Shiratori Rena:
Schedule -

Himukai Kogane:
Schedule -

Aoi Mizuki:
Schedule -

Alice Mana: New addition to the family, adopted from Paryi and saved from the depths of bili hell

MupuRhea: Sister on the Fungi side, good at Smash

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Yubicraft - /vt/ Minecraft Server

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Return of the Queen edition

/vt/ minecraft server discussion thread
Only Yubi Server is active.

/vm/ thread >>>/vm/348588

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>Geoguesser? That sounds fun, maybe the week after the next!
>Should I play Mario, CSGO or Skyrim? I'll make a poll!
>Insult you? Fine, just this once...
>ASMR? I'd love to, I just need to get a proper mic first!
You can literally talk this girl into streaming any kind of content you want.
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Ayunda Risu

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Ayunda Risu
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draw your oshi

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Draw your favorite chuuba on MS Paint and people guess who it is
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/pkg/ - Production Kawaii General - Prism Collab edition

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I will not be making regular general threads. I'm only making this for the prism collab

Full Gen Introduction video:
Amano Nene Introduction Video:

【Charlotte Suzu シャーロット・スズ】

【Isla Coleman アイラ・コールマン】

【Hana Flores ハナ・フローレス】

【Nene Amano 天野寧々】

【Reina Sun レイナ・サン】

Official Website:
Official Twitter:

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Nijisanji KR

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A thread dedicated to the VTubers of Nijisanji's Korean Branch.

Previous thread >>6800753
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Would you eat it?
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