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Hecatia is retiring.
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>Sony is going to infuse 50 new talents in an already crowded field of entertainment.

Are they going to succeed garnering fans or will it suffer being the obvious cash grab it is?
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How many chuubas is "too much" to follow? Logistically speaking, how much chuubas can the average gachikoi follow and support at the same time?
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Hatoba Tsugu「鳩羽つぐ」General
qt tsugs only edition

Youtube -
Twitter -
Online store -

General Video Archive -

Missing from the archive:
-scans of the picture diary
-actual VHS rip

Current Tsugu Drought: 175 days
1/30/21 (air date of Saiki-do DX Special) to
7/24/21 (today)

Longest Tsugu Drought: 367 days
1/22/20 (most recent youtube upload)
1/23/21 (announcement of 1/30 Saiki-do DX Special)

Have faith
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Pomu Rainpuff Hiatus

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Pomu Rainpuff of Nijisanji EN will go on hiatus starting July 28th for surgery.
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>voice of a preteen boy
>can't finish a sentence without laughing like a retard
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Big and serious announcement! Please look forward to it on 25th!
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/Roboco/ thread

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Robosa assemble!
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/ahoy/ - 宝鐘マリン Houshou Marine

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I heard she is the so called Gura killer

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Is that even accurate???
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