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Hatoba Tsugu「鳩羽つぐ」General
qt tsugs only edition

Youtube -
Twitter -
Online store -

General Video Archive -

Missing from the archive:
-scans of the picture diary
-actual VHS rip

Current Tsugu Drought: 175 days
1/30/21 (air date of Saiki-do DX Special) to
7/24/21 (today)

Longest Tsugu Drought: 367 days
1/22/20 (most recent youtube upload)
1/23/21 (announcement of 1/30 Saiki-do DX Special)

Have faith
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Pomu Rainpuff Hiatus

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Pomu Rainpuff of Nijisanji EN will go on hiatus starting July 28th for surgery.
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>voice of a preteen boy
>can't finish a sentence without laughing like a retard
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Big and serious announcement! Please look forward to it on 25th!
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/Roboco/ thread

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Robosa assemble!
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/ahoy/ - 宝鐘マリン Houshou Marine

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I heard she is the so called Gura killer

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Is that even accurate???
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>roommate's account is already decently popular
More examples of vtubers like this?

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>have time to do a recording with Rushia
>have time to have meet Coco and Kanata for a dinner
>can't do a voice only recording for Matsuri
What the hell is wrong with her?
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Kaneko Lumi karaoke

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