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How come Holo and Niji fans have such radically different views on male vtubers?
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/ybc/ - Yubicraft - /vt/ Minecraft server

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Aggressive Expansionism Edition

>Active server:
yubicraft -


>How to install/play:

Last Thread: >>11162900
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/KBNS/ Temako Thread: So you wanna be a VTuber edition

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Subscribe to Temako

Temako's Twitter:
Art tag:

Summary of the Endurance Stream

Endurance Stream Highlights:
>Temako discovers 4chan
>Temako says a gamer word
>Temako says faggot
>Temako talks about the coom
For context this was after a shota Vtuber appeared on stream.
>"Ear cleaning" ASMR
>Temako gives a rimjob
>Temako realizes she misspelled PC to pussy
>Temako shit talks cringereaper

Highlights Translated:
>Temako cries after receiving her first red superchat (Partial english subtitles)

>Temako left her futon and bedsheets out (but it rained)

>Temako discusses "Mindcraft"

>Temako reading the fanfiction:

>Temako saying iku:

>Gartik Phone Summary videos:
>KBNS Music Festival:
>Day 1
>Day 2
>Day 3

>Pastebin of unlisted ASMR streams:

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Who will graduate or get reincarnated next?
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>wake up
what did Mori mean by this?
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kiara was able to become a shrine maiden because of nepotism

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follow yoroshiku
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/stars/ - Holostars general

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Fat majin tits edition.
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Horny Thread - Silver Edition

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