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The cutest Sheep thread.
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Shiranui Flare 不知火フレア

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Wh-What is he planning? Did he plant a bomb in cover Corp HQ or something?
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New Marine Thread! Here you can discuss the best Hololive pirate!
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Who got the best new outfit?
And why is it Calli?
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follow yoroshiku
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夏色まつり Natsuiro Matsuri

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>Who is Natsuiro Matsuri?

A rookie on the Cheerleading Team. Cheerful and affectionate, her pleasant attitude means she gets along with everyone. She has a lot of friends, and loves festivals and events.

Debut date: June 1, 2018

Birthday: July 22nd

Height: 152 cm

Fanbase name: Matsurisu

Illustrator: Minamura Haruki

>Clips and Highlights

Funny Clips
Matsuri’s Band-aid Story -
Mario Cat Tsukkomi -
Crazy English Quiz -
Matsuri Rap -
Hololive Resistance -
Kamen Rider Voiceover -
Matsuri goes to a fan’s Animal Crossing -
Matsuri’s swimsuit

Dancing Clips
Marine Dance Lesson
Matsuri dances for an entire stream -

Singing Clips
Matsuri sings Natsu Matsuri -
Matsuri sings Part of Your World -
Matsuri sings summertime -
Matsuri sings Let it Go -
Matsuri sings Fansa at HoloFes 1 -

Serious Clips
Matsuri talks about Luna -
Matsuri on Hoshikawa -
Matsuri on her weight -
Matsuri and Hero -
Matsuri and APEX -
Matsuri on Haters -
Matsuri on From 1st -

Relaxing Clips
Imitating Various Holomembers -
Matsuri on her Dad -
Why Matsuri became a Vtuber -
Matsuri in the bath -

Matsuri Archive -

Feel free to suggest more clips below, and I'll add them to this list!
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I love this psycho bitch
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How bad is EN Gen2 going to effect EN Gen1?

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There’s already so much shit going on between members of EN gen1, what do you think is going to go down when you introduce another 5 girls?

Kiaras shit voice is annoying and she begs for attention basically. Basic humor and singing is bad. Gen2 will take all of her viewers away

Ame is a meme gremlin and doesn’t sing, or draw, only good at apex. Only her humor and streamer vibes is carrying her. Is her character going to be over thrown by Gen2?

Ina is chill and quiet and reserved, she’s only great when viewers want that vibe. A great artist though

Gura doesnt many talents and mostly is a meme gremlin as well. Her cuteness is what’s getting her by, and her humor. Any other cute loli introduced in Gen2 will be the death of Gura

Calli is just some other ara ara personality, a great creative singer though

I believe Gen2 will over saturate Gen1.
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I demand your most outragious rrats.
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