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Does vtuber preference influence a persons personality?

I think subaru constantly looking at reddit has changed me

Japanese independent Vtubers

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Comet*Dusts LIVE show. They are a JP indie rock band of vtubers

Post your chubas, shill your oshis, be a saviorfag. Chubas belonging to small/not popular companies. Everyone started from somewhere.
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Ayunda Risu

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Ayunda Risu
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draw your oshi

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Draw your favorite chuuba on MS Paint and people guess who it is
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/pkg/ - Production Kawaii General - Prism Collab edition

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I will not be making regular general threads. I'm only making this for the prism collab

Full Gen Introduction video:
Amano Nene Introduction Video:

【Charlotte Suzu シャーロット・スズ】

【Isla Coleman アイラ・コールマン】

【Hana Flores ハナ・フローレス】

【Nene Amano 天野寧々】

【Reina Sun レイナ・サン】

Official Website:
Official Twitter:

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I-I ask of you
Are you my... uhhm.. *slurp* master?
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Nijisanji KR

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A thread dedicated to the VTubers of Nijisanji's Korean Branch.

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Would you eat it?
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/poi/ - Shishiro Botan general

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