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Hololive Global

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Was he right?
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Finana thread

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A thread dedicated to Nijisanji EN's pure gamer mermaid and her Ryuguards


Today is the long awaited Childe banner
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Regarding Gura's complaint about not being able to play Metroid and her sarcastic comments about Nintendo, nip bros criticized Gura.
>"Of course you need to get permission from Nintendo."
>"COVER has had problems with permission in the past."
>"She's gotten arrogant."

>"I don't know what she's talking about, but this girl is cute."
Gone are the days when this sentence was enough. nip bros are waking up.
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who's going to get to fuck him first

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Please save her

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She needs to be groomed so she won't be menhera. I volunteer myself to have this landmine women as my gf
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/dm/ - girl_dm_

>Main links

I'm hooked on this vtuber lately mostly because of her voice and now I'm hooked on her

How do we fix her?

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