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what the fuck were they thinking
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> tfw A-chan have a better rig than Hololive's No. 1 chuuba
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Does anyone here actually enjoy vtubers?
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This is the face of someone who doesn't put up with bullshit anymore. She has gotten very dominant in this new outfit. She knows the chat is always up to shenanigans so she doesn't waste time with them. When she's having technical problems she goes straight to the manager for the final word and doesn't listen to the chat at all. She has learned from her past mistakes and become more powerful. She is invincible now. Punished
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/wah/ - we are human

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A thread for the one and only priestess/painter of our dreams, Ninomae Ina'nis!

Schedule: (embed) (embed)

today is paper mario I think, also we love ina

old thread: >>3508701
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/vt/uber Drawthread

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/vt/uber Drawthread

previous thread: >>3261256

>Post names and references, keep it all in one post
>Requests must be vtuber related
>Don't spam or bump your requests
>If reposting your request from the last thread, repost it in its entirety--don't just link to the original post
>Provide constructive criticism, and don't be afraid to ask for it
>No shitposting, if a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
>Have fun

NSFW Deliveries:
>>>/i/629794 or

Drawing Books and drawing programs:
/ic/ sticky: >>>/ic/1579290
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/rig/ - Rigger general

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Let's talking about live2D rigging for vtubers and other rigging related stuff.
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Yozora Mel Thread 31!

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If you haven't watched Mel, here are some good clips to watch of her!

>Who is Yozora Mel?

Yozora Mel is part of the first generation of hololive! Who does ASMR streams (although privated) and one of the top tier singers!




>Latest Stream

>BGM (Good at music? Try recreating the BGM theme and I'll add it here!)

>Previous Thread

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/vsinger/ - VSingers General

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Thread to discuss the virtual singers of this industry. Originals, covers, utawakus, lives, etc., post them all here.

Previous: >>3006261

Upcoming lives

5/15 - RIM 1st One-Man Live "New Romance"
5/29 - Kizuna AI Virtual US Tour (NY Theme)
6/5 - Asano Ruri & Amenosei & Kashiko Mari & Tsumugine Rei & Tenjin Kotone & MaiR & Minami Nami & Yuzuha & Higuchi Kaede @ VTuBandFest
6/11+6/12 - KAF 2nd One-Man Live "Fukakai Ni REBUILDING"
6/20 - Shishigami Leona & Hanabasami Kyo Online "W" One-Man Live [Re:al]
6/26 - Ookami Mio & Nakiri Ayame & Souya Ichika & Komori Met @ TUBEOUT! Vol. 9
7/31 - Hoshimachi Suisei & Hanabasami Kyo @ TUBEOUT! Vol. 10
Summer 2021 - YuNi 1st One-Man Live
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/wah/ - wife, artist, huge heart

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A thread for the one and only priestess/painter of our dreams, Ninomae Ina'nis!

Schedule: (embed)

I fucking love Ina, also tomorrow paper mario

old thread: >>3481222
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