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Ayunda Risu

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You ever have weird dreams about vtubers? I had a crazy dream that there was a Hololive girl named Ayunda Risu. She was a squirrel vtuber from Indonesia who streamed mostly in English. She did a great mixture of pure zatsu streams, weird tongue-in-cheek ASMR streams with things like typing or whistling for extended time periods, and gaming streams featuring often highly unusual game choices and a lot of indie titles.

On top of all this, she had an amazing singing voice with tons of range, and had several very high quality songs that were produced and released on her channel every few months. She could switch between different "singing voices" while she sang and would often do acapella singing streams just to show off how good her voice was and how pleasant it was to listen to.

It was a crazy dream and it really made me sad when I woke up and realized nobody like this existed, but I still remember the name, Ayunda Risu.