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Recent streams:
• Pikamee: Resident Evil 7 Marathon
• Tomoshika: TRPG Session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU0wuHzHACI

Upcoming streams:
Unknown, check the thread later

One Year aniversary stream + New models:
Pikamee • https://youtu.be/1S28YbUhNy0 Tomoshika • https://youtu.be/uZ-FFNKtAdk

Pikamee schedule • https://twitter.com/amanopikamee/status/1373654489295507462

Voms info:

The three badges on Tomoshika's new outfit what do they mean? • They represent Tomoshika's color palette >>1652466

I don't like these new designs! What was wrong with the old ones? • The old designs for Pika and Tomoshika will still be used as they were updated with new hoodies, a tanktop as well as new emotes.

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