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Pikamee and Tomoshika play Cuphead

Recent Streams:
• Pikamee: Euro Truck Simulator 2 at 0700 CDT
• Pika plays Mario Kart with viewers
• Tomoshika: Space Yabai Radio episode 12:

New Pikamee and Tomoshika original song "We are VOX MONSTERS" has been released

• Pikamee's birthday was 7/13. She received shoutouts from Ironmouse (Vshojo), The Duke (RE8), Wattson (APEX), and Leon (RE2).
• Pikamee received new facial expressions for the Kaiju model, a new twintail hairstyle, and released a Nyan Cat cover:
• New VOMS member interviews are underway. Look for an announcement at the end of July.
• Pikamee Birthday merch is now available!

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