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Last one hit image limit: >>2008500

Feel free to request wallpapers for a show, topic, etc... You may want to check the catalog beforehand, but since this is a random thread, it's not a big deal.

That aside, post whatever you want.
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Anime communism

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Post commie waifus.
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Watch this guy if you wanna become a pro!!!

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I just have to share this, I found a YouTube channel with the sickest After Effects and Cinema tutorials?!? Usually the tutorials on YouTube is pretty basic but look at this for example!?!? Kind of advanced but there is no other channels that makes this kind of content!?
Or this
Looks like he is using some new technics also!
This is also super sick!?!

I don't know if it's just me but I get so excited hahah, just wanted to share some gold!

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can someone turn this into an iphone background?
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Drone and girls thread

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Fate General thread.
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/r/ing anime girls (OK, anime people who look like girls too) holding programming books.

It doesn't need to be in wallpaper format, can be a regular image too, I'll just use my l33t photoshop skills and make a solid color wallpaper like I did with this one (protip: I don't have l33t photoshop skills, or else I'd shop the books in myself).
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