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Little Witch Academia Thread #2

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Anything related to the OVAs, series, manga, fanart, etc...

Last Thread: >>2201612

And never forget: a believing heart is your magic.
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Spice and Wolf
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Gloomy Urban Thread #3

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The third installment if the Gloomy Urban thread!

The picture must be *Gloomy*.
*Urban* is ideal but not required.

I have made a MEGA folder with every image from Gloomy Urban #1/#2 as well as some from my collection. I will update it to have more from my own once I sort my files
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Makoto Shinkai Thread

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Five Centimeters Per Second is my favorite.
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Cute ultrawide anime wallpapers

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Search for "Ultrawide"
Find nothing.

Can we get some cute ultrawide (2560x1080 or higher) anime wallpapers here?
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Post a pape of an anime you recommend
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Eureka Seven

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Can we have a thread for Eureka Seven? I'll post what I got so far.
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Zero Two thread

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I need some papes of our favorite oni. All I have are assorted images in non-wallpaper format, so I have to adapt them. I'd appreciate if you help me, you can include other characters as well, as long as 02 is in.
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distorted/glitched backgrounds

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need more of this
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