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ARIA Anniversary

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Happy birthday IA and OИE!!
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yasushi suzuki Thread

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can't find Ikaruga art in good resolution
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Behind glass phone thread?

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Post people trapped behind glass / your phone screen
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Chain Wallpaper Thread

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Post a wallpaper that has something in common with the wallpaper above.

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The previous Lain thread is about to bump off, so let's get another Lain thread going. I'll dump what I have
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Wallpaper creation challenge

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I created few very intelligent, deep and refreshing wallpapers for you dear anons. It's the ultimate form of art, unseen before, nothing in existence can come close to it, except maybe genetically manufactured cat-girls that are kept secret by the niggers that glow in the dark. If you have something similar please share...
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Evangelion Screenshots/Wallpapers

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Some of the shots I've been gathering in my latest rewatch of the show.
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Bleach Thread

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