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Akira Mobile Wallpapers

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Fan art, Official Art, One Character, Multiple Characters doesn’t matter as long as its the Anime or Manga AKIRA and it fits most mobile (preferably 1080x1920 but again as long as it fits mobile screens)
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Ghibli Wallpapers
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Who is your favorite 2hu to play as, and your favorite design wise, i like playing marisa and i like pc-98 reimu
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DTB wallpaper thread
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Bleach Thread

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Gloomy Urban Thread #2

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The second installment if the Gloomy Urban thread!

The picture must be *Gloomy*.
*Urban* is ideal but not required.

Artist is chihuri (ちふり) on Pixiv

If we make it through this thread, I'll make an archive of all the posts made from the first, second thread, and all threads that may come after.
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Military girls

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As long as it's related to military or military history, its good. Girls with guns are also accepted.

Girls Und Panzer would be appreciated though
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Please post more pics like this. Thanks anons.
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