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anime wallpaper with black or dark background
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Genshin Impact

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Post yer Genshin papes
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Behind glass phone thread?

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Post people trapped behind glass / your phone screen
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The previous Lain thread is about to bump off, so let's get another Lain thread going. I'll dump what I have
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No.2177048 ViewReplyLast 50OriginalReport me find some high quality Patlabor walls.
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Emotion and Aesthetic

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Post wallpapers which are filled with emotion. Ones that almost seem to be a whole movie inside of a still image.
A picture can speak a thousand words.
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Please post more pics like this. Thanks anons.
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2B wallpapers?

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a thread for old school 80s and 90s anime papes
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can we get an Aqua/Aria thread going /w/?
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