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2-bit depth thread #2

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>take any wallpaper (preferably not too many contrasting colors)
>save as PNG, but change your settings to save in 2-bit color depth - adjust dithering level as necessary
>easy minimalistic wallpapers

Previous thread: >>2202966
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Military girls

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As long as it's related to military or military history, its good. Girls with guns are also accepted.

Girls Und Panzer would be appreciated though
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TL;DR: Toradora! Wallpaper thread

I just finished watching this one after many people recommended it for years... It casually popped in my Netflix and recognized the name. I literally binged it in like a day and a half... it was just so good and moving from start to finish.

I was a fool for postponing it. Not really a fan of the "romance" genre (in anime nor literature), but this one hit so god damn fucking hard...

And by the end I was like so invested on every single character's future and happiness. It kinda makes me feel a bit embarrased to be completely honest...

So yeah... I'll be listening to the 10 hour Lost My Pieces track on YouTube.
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Ghost in the Shell please!

bonus points for 95'
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Samurai Champloo Thread

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Post 'em
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Random Thread

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Any subject or theme.
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Chinese Vocaloid CD art

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Outlaw Star

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2B wallpapers?

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