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Anime Mecha/Robo girl
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Japanese Games

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Post wallpapers for games, as long as the game originated from Japan. This includes visual novels.
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Vaporwave? Cyberpunk? Neon? WTF?

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So, this one is not a wallpaper, and I don't really have any wallpapers like this, but I wanted something in this vibe. With neon colors, pink and yellow, low-fi stuff. IDK if it's a "vaporwave" style, or some retro cyberpunk (I'm very rusty with the "weird genres" stuff, OK?)

Ranma 1/2 papes

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Ranma .5 papes...
Post Them
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Knight girls.

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Need more.
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Any wallpaper like this?

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post them

Crossover/Parody Thread

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Let's see what you got
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bonus points for celty and anri
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2-bit depth thread #2

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Last thread reached bump limit

>take any wallpaper (preferably not too many contrasting colors)
>save as PNG, but change your settings to save in 2-bit color depth - adjust dithering level as necessary
>easy minimalistic wallpapers

Previous thread: >>2202966
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Steins;Gate thread

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Since nobody bothered to keep the previous one alive and 2 years of continuous quality wallpaper sharing got ruined
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