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Wonder Egg Priority

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Just binged this, has some good animation.
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Panty and Stocking

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post ur psg wallpapers! high-res appreciated but all are welcome!
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Lemme see some Rin phone wallpapers
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Cute boys of all kinds pls n thnk u
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JoJo Thread

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JoJo Wallpaper thread
Bonus points for desktop papes
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Fuck, bros, Kogecha died. I'll dump my 16:9 collection of his art and then some in original res, hope you like them. rip
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yuri/shoujo ai

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post your yuri/shoujo ai wallpapers!

this includes things from series like k-on, yuri yuri, new game... you get the point
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My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia)

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Noticed a plethora of threads dedicated to other shows but not BNHA?
Is it taboo? Too normie?

Either way this board needs some My Hero.

Allow Me.

>inb4 hate
>if you have a better version of something I post speak up.
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Vaporwave Bread

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So I played this map in osu and it had some sick vaporwave bgs. Post vaporwave wallpapers
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Lupin the Third thread
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