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Fictional Landscapes and Cityscapes
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Explicit wallpapers

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Enough of this sissy SFW shite. This thread is for those wallpapers you're too chicken to ever use anyway. Explicit sexual content, full frontal nudity, fetishes of the worst kind.

It's actually kind of hard finding good ones.
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/vgg/ - Video Games General #20

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Welcome to /wg/'s videogames general thread, /vgg/ for short.
Post any wallpapers here for whatever you're currently playing. Or whatever you want to share, or request.

Previous Threads:

Want something that was posted before? Threads dropped off 4chan can be found in the archive:
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Nature Thread

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Continued from >>7412420
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BEST Mobile Papes

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Been using this one for months year...only post if it’s fire & u been using it for a while...
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Mobile wallpapers

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I like these art styles and colour palettes. Hope you find something you like and I'd appreciate it if you contribute with more wallpepers.
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Official Homescreen Thread #187

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Previous thread: >>7412621

Need inspiration? Check out

#homescreen @ rizon

Android Ricing:
Craftmath's KLWP guide:

iDevice Ricing Guide:

>Other Info
Recording a WebM:
Framing screenshots:
Changing Icon Pack Color:
Sidebar Theme:

Rate for rate, try to give further criticism beyond mere numerals.
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Desktop Thread

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Last thread: >>7409815
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Have something of saitama?

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Beautiful Women SFW Thread

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Last one reached the limit
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