Phone papes

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I got a new phone (s10) and I want to see more phone papessss
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Post your current lockscreen wallpaper
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Cafes and Restaurants

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I really loved to work in random small cafes before this entire thing hit (mostly because a girl I was interested in worked there but at least I got her number before this shitstorm hit). Let's throw out some cafes and restaurants (although I don't know who actually works in restaurants) for maximum comfort. Pubs, bars, and bakeries are welcome too.
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Aperture/ Portal Thread

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One of the best games.
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24th birthday

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Post your 24th pape
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Water Edition

As suggested by some anons in the previous thread, this thread's theme will be anything maritime related. Boats, beaches, lakes, seafood; anything along those lines you find to be comfy.

Please no anime or drawings, real photographs only.
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>no desktop thread
Let's get one going, these are my favorite threads here
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High Resolution Paintings

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Realism, Neo-Classicism, Romanticism and paintings pre-1930's are preferred, but in general anything goes. Nice battle/historical scenes are encouraged as well.
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/tv/ and movies screenshots
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