Comfy sci-fi

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Some anon posted this in the other thread and its really hitting the spot. What you guys got?
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Girls under neon lights

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Girls under neon lights thread
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Owl Wallpaper

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How about some owl wallpapers?

I don't know if I guessed the species right but it shouldn't matter.
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Vaporwave/Lofi/Anime Aesthetic

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I have one monitor that's 1600 x 900 and the second monitor that's 1360 x 768.

Hip-Hop Artists

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Preferably Lil Pump, XXXtentacion, SmokePurpp, Madeintyo, Ugly God, ect...
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Comfy Pixel Art Papes

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Comfy or relaxing pixel art wallpapers
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I need some good quality vaporwave wallpapers
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Any Greek/Roman sculptures, arts or other relevant wallpapers here.
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Cyberpunk computers and hacking

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Anything related
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