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Lofi hiphop thread

More like this one
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Nintendo Papes

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Your favorite Nintendo papes. Any Nintendo related game is cool.
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Hey /wg/!

I'm looking for some cool new wallpaper for my work computer, something similar to the pic underneath posted
+what is the name of that art style? Looks like some cool-post punk shit
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Takato Yamamoto and similar
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Why can't you own a puma?


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got any black sun walls? i couldnt find a good one on jewgle or duckduckgo.
this was the closest i could get
>pic related

Collectors/Hoarders/BigLeaguePapers Need Only Apply

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>opens Wallpaper folder
>4,522 Images

Post your 4,522nd wallpaper
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Not very good wallpapers

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Leap of Faith

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Originally I was just going to do a saturation boost but it looked a little off/ too bright.

I did a quick saturation boost on just the neon and a little around miles so it keep the night time look.
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Grand architecture thread

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Post great examples of grandiose architecture
It can be classical, medieval, empire style, autoritarian, even fascist and stalinist.
No ugly brutalism and commie blocks only the finest patrician architecture that (will) outlive(d) its civilizations.
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