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stuff like this: brutalism, extreme shapes, harsh colors
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a military aircraft thread

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Looking for some triple monitor wallpapers.
5760x1080 resolution preferred
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give me the best of the filth
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Asia Edition

I'm in the mood to go to Tokyo. Wander around the alleys at night, get some ramen or okonomiyaki. But this thread is for comfy images of any cities in Asia, not just Japan.

Please no anime though or drawings. Real photographs of real places only.
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Revolt Against the Modern World

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Tribute papes to Skyking and general modernity hate
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Tired of the same old wallpapers.

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I've had the same wallpaper for years, time for an upgrade. Post your suggestions.
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hacking/csec wallpapers

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Post away
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Hi anons, i need a lockscreen wallpaper for my phone of this album

>Related pic
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Gif Thread

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