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Death Grips

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Wanted to print a Death Grips Tshirt. Would be glad if /wg/ could provide me some tshirt designs related to Death Grips..

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walls you wish you had as paintings
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images with this lonely energy and color pallet
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Preferably Ganondord, but anything Zelda related is welcome.

NSFW Ultra Wide

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Had a little too much fun making these for my new monitor. There's only 4, but i figured someone would like them. NSFW ultra wide thread I guess. Strangely hard to find.
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Papes that give you chills or mesmerize you.
Bonus if you post a cool song along with it.
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Papes for phones witg large screens

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Basically 2960x1440
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Offensive wallpapers

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There's like 8 different threads about women.

Let's stop with the pathetic crap and resort to the most boyish of behaviours by being offensive.
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Please help
I used to have a wallpaper that was a skull with a bunch of weird TV-like effects and static, I've looked everywhere and I can't find it, if you guys can help me I'ill be forever grateful.
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3840 x 2160. No upscales, please.
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