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/pol/-general II

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so booth the third way and the /pol/ general 404'd.
archive of the third way thread:
archive of the first /pol/-general:

let's have one thread for /pol/ related stuff including
>third way
>pol related meme wallpapers
>natsoc waifus
>other right wing ideologies
it's bad optics to spam this board with our sub categories.
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If anyones got any cool casino/gambling pics to share this be the thread, looking for a cool wallpaper. Thanks

Dota 2

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Can we get some dota wallpapers, most of the in game loading screens are shit renders, I prefer the drawings/paintings if possible but if it's dota related post it.
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Poker/Gambling/Playing card thread

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sharing my collection

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I think the papes are comfy. Maybe you'll like something I post. Feel free to contribute as well! :-)
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Rule 34 thread

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High res and SFM particularly appreciated.
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DOTA 2 WPs... Show me what u got <3
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/cpw/ - Colorful Paisagistic Wallpapers

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Post 'em.

Must be colorful.
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Wallpapers with cute cartoon/comic girls

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League of Legends

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League wallpapers 1920x1080 prefered
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