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Already posted on /adv/.
Can you anons suggest me an app or program to start making pixel arts?

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Would be preferable if you post the css too. You can use pastebin or controlc.
Pic related is: https://controlc.com/3912d185

Abstract Thread

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Post your weird, blurry, or abstract WPs
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Scientific Illustrations

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Anatomy, Plants, Species, Engineering, Astronomy. Anything goes.
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post transformers papes
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I Rate your Desktop from 1 to 10
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Cool robots thread :D
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Warhammer 40k wallpapers.
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WW2 High Res images

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last phone died with all those high res ww2 images that were going around here so making thread to hopefully regain them

Germans/Soviet/Allies all go

Foggy city thread

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Couldn't find a thread about this before; took this picture at 3 am of a snowing NYC and really loved the atmosphere, but it is taken from the window of a moving car and compressed. Any pictures like this?