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I'm lost(depressed papes)

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I'm lost
Long story short I have no feeling of feeling wanted. My father is an alcoholic and started when I was a kid. Starting that seedling in me, my mom ended up turning to alcohol later in my life too. I've had two girlfriends, one that abused me, and one that dropped me after 2 month.
I'm lost
I can't find the feeling that anyone wants me. I have friends. But, any relationship that has been more than friends I feel as if they can only be abusive, or that no one wants me.
I was just hoping that maybe you guys might have some good tips that might be able to help with that
I've asked some places and not gotten much to help the pain become less
But I'll take anything. A simple pape, some words of encouragement, or you calling me a faggot.
Also, to the anon that I know that browses here. So you know I'm talking to you, your initials are SI and my first name starts with N. Feel free to send me some papes. Always appreciated. You seem like a good man, even if we do not know each other well.
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snow and ice

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No Discovery or Lower Decks filth allowed. Only TOS-ENT and STO.
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Old timey photos!

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Looking for older photos of cities, or public life that are in color or have been colorized and are at least 1920x1080.
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Portal / Aperture Science

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Just to remind us that grinding moon rocks may be a bad idea.
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Apple thread

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Current Game Wallpaper

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Reminder to PC gamers, if your current wallpaper isn't the current/main game you're playing, you're doing it wrong.

Warhammer 40k Wallpapers

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I didn't see enough 40k love in the other Warhammer thread, so let's do this for the emperor.
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a military aircraft thread

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