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Cityscapes, buildings, maybe a bit of brutalism.

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Have my all time favs.
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4chan Cup

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The 2022 Winter Cup approaches, and /wg/ FC management is here today bringing /wg/ fans and supporters a new poll.

>What the fuck are you talking about
4chan has a site-wide football/soccer tournament every 3 months for like 1000-2000 live viewers played on Pro Evolution Soccer, AI vs AI, with teams representing each board. Players are named after things on the board, and they all have really heavy aesthetic modding to, in our case, look like wallpapers playing on the field.

This poll helps the managers incorporate your opinions and ideas into the team.
The anonymous poll: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSebpjEDbnZpu5hGLDuY7yypb3PszGFBvoib-a_S6CE9Me2HoA/viewform

Also, you can voice any suggestions or questions in this thread.
The cup kicks off January 28.

Also, this thread is for 4chan and Cup-related wallpapers.
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Semi-Lewd Tattooed Women

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So my friend in jail asked my to send him fap material. Tattoos preferred. Rules are: No genitalia and No nipples. I will post what I've saved but I think ya'll can do better than me
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Amoled phone papes
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Seafarer pictures for a true seafarer

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My grandfather passed away today.

He was a chief engineer in commercial marine, had a good life, some regrets, but lots of happy moments as well.
He was the father I never had, I lived with him for the last 8 years, and I owe all my success thanks to his support, when he would pay the houses's expenses, so I did not have to work a dead end job and progress well.
He left happy. He said he is really proud of me and how things turned out, and he know that he leaves the family in good hands.
He also died exactly as he should have. With me, holding his arm till his last breath, exactly the same way he held mine in my first breaths.

Please, let's make a thread worthy of the circumstance. Post pictures that an old-school seafarer would appreciate.

27/1/1930 - 14/11/2021
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Im looking for phone wallpapers 20:9 or simmilar

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Something in style of picrel (without the isaac just the aesthetic with gray dark background and preferably a grid or something) something also a bit like "umami interface" with its sparkly tv static thingy

I just dont fucking know how to properly search for something like that, aesthetic and vaporwave just give pink vomit mess in search results so if u know the right phrase Ill be thankful if u could tell it

Apple thread

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Death Stranding

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Anything related to death stranding, images, cosplay, anything that is wall paper size.

Have about twenty to dump.
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Control ambience Wallpapers

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These were my Wallpapers for 2+ years, figured I'd share
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