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Drop a pape and say whats on your mind

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Haven't seen one of these in a while, I really liked the comfy vibes in these types of threads so here it goes.
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Albums+ /mu/sic-related

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Modernish battle paintings like this

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props if its WW1
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wallpapers that don't fit in any other thread
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As per title, dreamscapes primarily made with old software such as (Bryce) and (Punch! ultimate deck and landscape) though regular dreamscapes are not discouraged.
Continuation of >>7691682
Also my first work with bryce above
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videogame screenshots

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videogame screenshots you've taken yourself than can be used as wallpapers
no hud showing, 4k prefered, if your res is lower please make sure there's no jaggies showing
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High Quality Fantasy Art Wallpaper Thread!

Requesting Beach Papes

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But dumping my 5+y/o /wg/ collection at random.
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Rome and Greece

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Post anything related to them. Post their sculptures, paintings, anything made by them. Post the legion army, post the philosophers, the quotes and whatnot. It can be from both traditional paintings as well as digital ones. It can be from movies or video games -again, as long as it's about them, it's ok.

And last, Do Not post present Rome or Greece, the pictures of their monuments or statues, sure, but this thread is for old Rome and Greece.
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