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indigenous native cultures

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share beautiful/badass native peoples and traditions
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inspired by an anon who posted Johan Christian Dahl's View of Dresden by Moonlight
go on this site to find shit and maybe search Wikipedia to see if a high-quality picture of it is there
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men/boys thread

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post aesthetic or cute wallpapers of male humans.
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Recently i stumbled upon this caracter.. Joe Camel

I loved the art for this cigarette advertisement mascott and i'm looking for more of this stuff in high resolution
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Cool robots thread :D
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Girls with Sniper Rifles

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I've been in a sniper girl mood lately. Having a hard time finding new content.
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Dusky/Grainy/Matte Wallpapers (preferably nature)

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dusky, grainy, matte papes; don't know how to properly describe this vibe. I'll dump mine, you dump yours
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Post them
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Pokemon wallpapers thread

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Post your best, pokegirls welcome too
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Animal Wallpapers!

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Any animals, preferentially real photos.

I know this is an easy one to search online, but I think people here might have some really good ones. I'll post a handful.
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