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phone or computer, whatever you have :-)
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Wallpaper hoarding

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Do you also hoard wallpaper you never use?

ITT: random wallapers and share your hoarding techniques on acquiring and folder organisation
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post your OS

this Windows 11 theme reminds me of BunsenLabs Linux's Yeti theme (which I should've installed instead of Ubuntu, but Ubuntu has the best drivers) - looks good with night light on just a touch

Pin Up Girls

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I'll post what I got
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Film Noir/Vintage Hollywood/Detectives, Dames and Danger

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I don't have many and need more. What you guys got?
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Retro 80's and 90's desktop and room

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because old school is the best school
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Music Wallpapers

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Only the most glorious rome/greek wallpapers.


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Winter/Christmas edition

It still hasn't snowed here where I live yet but let's get in the winter mood with some comfy winter-themed pics. Most shots are not my own, but the ones marked with "OC" in the filename are ones I shot myself.

Post comfy photos that fit the theme but NO ANIME or drawings please. REAL photographs only.
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Dark Fantasy

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Gothic aesthetic, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, Innistrad, Ravenloft, Dark Souls and the like.
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