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Post them Azeroth wallpapers. All are welcome, even nsfw. Character or landscapes. Desktop and mobile alike, preferrably mobile, looking for a new wallpaper.
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for movie and television show related wallpapers you got
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Let’s get a Chernobyl thread

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Kaiju papes

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Anatomy / educational

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Had a good thread even if it was short-lived, I'll upload some and hopefully, we can get some others.

Everything educational is welcome but bonus points if it's anatomical.
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Military Thread

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post what you want
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guns- specially revolvers

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Any guns are good
revolvers are best
can be fantasy, concept, drawings, pictures, any cool guns but mostly wheel guns
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Hotties thread. No. will be papes I post,
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Art you like or find interesting

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Following on this anon's idea
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IBM Papes thread

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Post IBM papes.
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