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Old School Soul thread

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post soul/funk/jazz musicians that look cool
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>screen shot your home screen /eg/ show me what you got.... And also interested in finding new apps from your phones ... Go for your shot
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cockpit wallpapers

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It's been a while.
Let's prepare for the future
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phone wallpapers thread
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Chinese Dystopia thread
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Artsy old school hotties
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Could we have a Blasphemous thread? I just started it this week and I'm loving it
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Corpo Papes

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So I wanted some new company/corporation wallpapers, doesn't matter if real or fictitious, but I see nothing new around, so I'm gonna dump my collection to get this started. Lots of them are from games and/or old, that's why I want to expand my collection.
Lets hope new captch won't slow me down a lot.
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Soft shading anime girls wallpapers.