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I met someone that actually makes me happy and I've realized how toxic my past relationships were. Now though I've been feeling like this current person isn't actually into me despite everything he says. I suffer from issues from my weight despite losing 100 lbs. Still kinda hefty but I'm getting to where I want. I'm scared for some reason but I'm really hopeful. I'm hopeful that this might be something permanent cause I've never felt this way for someone or been treated this way. Am I finally starting to be happy? Even before he came I started doing a lot of work on myself and honestly, I'm enjoyable. I kinda like who I am.

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More wallpapers like this?
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a military aircraft thread

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Amored vehicles
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Wallpapers where the center is the focus.
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Wallpaper = Song

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Post a random wallpaper and comment what song it makes you think of, or just say a random song if you can't think of any. Also the wallpaper can't already be music related.
I'll go first:
Sleep Is A Curse - maudlin of the Well
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Egyptology/Egypt papes

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Skinhead, neonazi, Atomwaffen aesthetic.

Transformers Thread

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Post transformers-related papes.
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No cozy fall thread? Be ashamed.
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