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Stacked Architecture

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I'm looking for more stuff like this, the whole 'stacked mega city' thing.
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Summer Wallpapers

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summer themed desktop papers that aren't super generic
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Sports wallpapers
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Animal Wallpapers!

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Any animals, preferentially real photos.

I know this is an easy one to search online, but I think people here might have some really good ones. I'll post a handful.
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It's important to stay hydrated!

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Water wallpaper thread.
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【waporwave wallpapers】

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卂几ㄚㄒ卄丨几Ꮆ ᐯ卂卩ㄖ尺山卂ᐯ乇 千乇乇ㄥ
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Spanish Colonial

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Catholic churches/missions/convents + sculpture/architecture in Mexico, or wherever else. You can post modern Spanish colonial architecture too as long as it doesnt scream California with a porsche macan in the garage.

Gonna post the handful I have in decent resolution now, I've found it's not easy to source high-res pics of these without paying for them so post whatever you have, I'll come back and update later if I find anything new
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MTG Wallpapers

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Preferably Land wallpapers. And without watermarks if they can be erased or found without.
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apu and nature

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i'm feeling down bros... post your best apus in nature
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