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Sci-fi or abstract buildings
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just bought a S21 Ultra.
Need a high quality pape
>mobile thread
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Skeleton Papes

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Mfw there's no skeleton thread
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American Dream 1950s Art

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POST stuff that looks like this, suburbs, fishing, barbecues, picnics, cities etc
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Russia and Russia related papes.No communism or "suka blyat tracksuit stalinium XD" shit.
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Wallpaper hoarding

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Do you also hoard wallpaper you never use?

ITT: random wallapers and share your hoarding techniques on acquiring and folder organisation
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Wallpaper Collection 1440p

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Hopefully you find something you like my collection now is over 1500+. Here's some places I got some of my wallpapers too.
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Comfy Trains

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Mainly interiors but outside welcome as well
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