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Old operating systems

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Logos, default wallpapers, backgrounds

Really looking for those default Windows wallpapers, especially those that aren't so easily found. Or were all pre Windows ME wallpapers the same color? Not old enough to remember..

Bonus for Windows!
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Triple monitor wallpapers

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I always feel left out of the good wallpaper threads now that I have 3 monitors (first world problem, I know.)

1080x5760+ wallpapers thread
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Redheads, but only faces. Bonus points if freckles. LOTS of bonus points if smiling.
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Red Wallpapers

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Continued from >>7717563 because it hit bump limit...
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Currently reading through the Murderbot series and loving it, although there's not many pics available.
Any bots will do, lets see what you got
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The Beatles wallpaper thread

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Anything The Beatles, Lennon or McCartney related.
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It's still a bit chilly.

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Post them girls nipping out! Fully clothed edition.
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i like my papes like a like girls asses ULTRAWIDE

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Looking for the perfect 3440x1440, while posting some... ultra-wide
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