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Dark wallpapers

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I'm looking for some dark wallpapers to add to my collection.
would be cool if you share some of yours
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/wg/, you dissapoint me

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Since 2009 I have been coming here to get the sweet papes. Remember the lighter with the flame that's water? Everyone thought that wallpaper was profound and I was cooler for it.

Today, you failed me. All of your papes are dry, cracked, and peeling. I haven't seen one pape I've saved in a whole week. Yeah, sure, retrofuturism is cool, but come on, it's the only real quality content here and it's a 5/10 at best.

I know you're all holding out.

ITT: either

1. 2000-2010 era jive-ass pape reposts
2. Ambigious color / shape fractal or design art
3. Floral prints
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Macro Photography: Insects, Nature, Objects, etc

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Posting some papes I made from my shots. First time making papes, feedback appreciated.

Post anything macro photography related
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Blame! Wallpapers or wallpapers that give off a Blame! sort of vibe. Extends to megastructures, "liminal" spaces, isolation, w/e
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Monolithic Architecture

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Post the most aesthetiv images of monolithic and megalithic architecture you can find.

Fictional sites are allowed, but real ones are strongly preferred.
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Preferebly oc!
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Propaganda Wallpapers

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I love the propaganda aesthetic, so show me what you've got.
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M. C. Escher

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I have acquired a large amount of high quality Escher artworks, and related media.
A lot of his art would make good wallpapers, but they do require some edits because the aspect ratios aren't all that great.
I have already done a few. Check the edit folder.
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Hello /wg/
It’s my birthday today and I’ve got a new phone to replace my 8 year old iPhone.
Could I get some artistic depictions of nature? I will post examples. Landscape pictures also welcome