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Yume Nikki

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Post any Yume Nikki wallpapers you might have, just found this game and quickly fell in love
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Post a wallpaper if your dick is +7"
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Phone wallpapers

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I just get a new phone and I lost all my previous wallpapers :(
If you could help me to get new ones I would be pleased :)
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Words on things.

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Anyone put up posters or art on their walls in their appartment?
Just moved and it's looking a bit bland at the moment. I want to put up frames with cool pictures in them. Any recommendations? Also looking for websites where i could actually order them.

Pic related, pretty cool poster I think
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Wallpapers with a dark vibe like pic related.
I will start with amazing artwork by the god Ching Yeh
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Anon quotes wallpapers

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