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Classic Cars

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Let's play a game, each wallpaper posted has to have some sort of connection to the last one.

For example, this one is a star wars wallpaper, you can connect it to another one by something that would make sense, such as another star wars wallpaper, army, sci-fi, etc, as long as it has some sort of tangential connection.

Continued from >>7768009

Connected by statue
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Generic Scy-Fy Roulette

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My generic Scy-Fy folder have reached the 999th pape, so you call a number between 002 and 999 and I post the corresponding pape.

Franchise should have their own folder (star Wars, Warhammer 4K ecc.) but I could have made some mistake here and there, so if you spot one tell me and I will correct it.
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I'm allergic but I rlly like cats, post cool cats
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Is this a video game screenshot?
Or is it a photograph of a cosplayer?

I've got some faggot nigger mod on Wallhaven chimping out on people because he's convinced it's a screenshot and that anyone who says otherwise is a troll.

Also cyberpunk thread to replace the one that's in auto-sage.
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Mobile Papers No Theme Just Mobile

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No theme, just mobile. Building my collection. 1/6
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Retrofuturistic papes with a 60's-70's aesthetic. I'll post what I have
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Post any (alternative, goth, e-girls, arthoes, etc.) girls wallpapers. NSFW or SFW, I don't care.
Preferably horizontal papes, and high resolution.
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Philosophy papes

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