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SOLARPUNK the better tomorrow

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Haven't seen this style in a while and would possibly like to ass some unique new ones to my folder.

>What is solar punk anyways?
Solarpunk is a genre of speculative fiction that is also its own distinguished aesthetic, focusing mainly on renewable energy, and living in harmony with nature.
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Alphabet Papes

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Evening everyone. Let's fire up an alphabet pape thread.
(A for Aircraft)
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The Third Reich

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Very much interested in the true history of Hitler and Germany . Any walls would be much appreciated
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Cyberpunk 2077 Comfy/atmosphere thread

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Pictures from cyberpunk 2077 only comfy or atmospheric and relaxing pictures.
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Feminine Papes

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Papes for grills. Like. Shit a grill would actually use.
Colorful, cute & pretty.
Pls keep anime shit to a minimum.
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Heavy Metal Album Art

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I don't think I've ever noticed a rock/metal album art wallpaper thread. I honestly only have a few.

Any help would be appreciated for a collection.
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Nighttime Edition

It's getting dark at about 4:45 PM here so I figured a nighttime theme was appropriate. Post anything that fits the theme as long as it's a real photograph. No ainimation or computer generated images please.

Most of the photos aren't mine, but the ones marked with "OC" in the filename were taken by me.
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Shitty homemade wallpapers thread
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Snow pape thread pls
Winter is here

Christmassy stuff also welcome although I prefer snowy, ice cold landscapes
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RNG Thread

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The post above dictates the Nth wallpaper in your a given folder. If your roll exceeds the number of your wallpapers in the folder, disregard the leftmost digit equal in the group until you match the same number of digits
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