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4chan feel thread

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last one got deleted, post any 4chan related papes.
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Post a wallpaper and say what's on your mind

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Just had a good thread that lasted a while. Bump limit killed it. Let's keep it going. All are welcome here.

Previous thread: >>7762342
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What is your current wallpaper?
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Frank Frazetta Wallpaper

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Ultrawide 21:9

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Got a new ultrawide monitor. Having a hard time finding papes. Here's what I've scrounged so far.
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Map based Wallpapers

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Extra points if its Medieval or Comfy
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wallpapers with the black metal feel
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Wallpapers that succ hard.
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it's my 22nd birthday today! give me some of your favourite wallpapers (and why)
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Subtle Feet

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Art or photography
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