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Post any (alternative, goth, e-girls, arthoes, etc.) girls wallpapers. NSFW or SFW, I don't care.
Preferably horizontal papes, and high resolution.
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Philosophy papes

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Hey guys, it's my 25th birthday today. Post your 25th wallpaper, or any other wallpaper you want. If you guys have any phone wallpapers that have anime-style girls as the main subject, but aren't blatantly anime stuff, I'd also appreciate those.
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Halo wallpapers, bonus points for CE or Reach
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Any quotes or motivating wallpapers
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Pixel art thread

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post "the pixel art"
better be aesthetic

dubs gets dubs, is that not a reward in and of itself?
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Warhammer Wallpaper

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I'm looking for either Fantasy or 40k, although I guess if you have cool Age of Sigmar or other tabletop fantasy or sci-fi wallpapers those would be good too.
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Share Warhammer wallpapers
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I've been reading the books of
Dune and I need more artwork
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