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Reverse Search Game

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Rules: do a reverse Google or Yandex search (I prefer Yandex) of the post above yours, and find the most pape-worthy image you can. Be sure to filter for large size.

Got this one from a random image on the front page >>7831131
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You're getting my 240th, sick of posting the same four wallpapers.
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Mages doing mages stuff

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Mages doing magic/casting spells/summoning a demon or a familiar/fighting with their magic
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Album Art Wallpapers

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Miami, Florida

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Post papes of miami you feel capture it's spirit, any aesthetic or really any type of pape that involves Miami is welcome and ofc hotline miami is also welcome.
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Vintage Comic Book Papes

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Any Golden Age, Silver Age or Bronze Age wallpapers?
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Orange, White, Black

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Preferably sci-fi, futuristic

plz halp

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question: I have this wallpaper that works with wallpaper engine and is animated i was hoping if anyone knew who made it or where to find more like this or more information on it,

it looks amazing animated like water i got it from here on 4chan at some point and the guy was nice enough to send me the file for it

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My Grandma is dying and all I can do is cry. All she could this morning is barley nod or shake here head, but now can only breath. I wish I could just turn back time by one day to tell her again how much I love her.

I'll be posting flowers, but she was a tailor in Poland. So anything cloth/sewing related is welcomed.
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Post some cool papes

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post papes that you think are cool/use.
Do whatever you know.
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