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Fear, horror, agony, depression, decay. In modern and classical art. Paintings, sculptures, performance art.
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Lewds/nudes of non-3d girls

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Dusky/Grainy/Matte Wallpapers (preferably nature)

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dusky, grainy, matte papes; don't know how to properly describe this vibe. I'll dump mine, you dump yours
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Papes that have a simple one-color background with an image enclosed in a shape (preferably a rectangle or a square).
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Sexy Halloween

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spoopy and sexy papes
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Post anything related to fantasy; knights, wizards, dargons, forests, castles ect. but with a dark or somber theme.
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Alt world/fantasy maps
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Nude preferred, but non is acceptable.
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Scientific papes

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Other stylized "cheat-sheet" type wallpapers are welcome too
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Zen wallpapers

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