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request of purple wallpapers
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Wallpapers with matching Songs

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Post a wallpaper along with a song that matches its vibe/theme/feeling
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Turning 19 today, post your amazing 19th papes.
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Birthday the 21

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birthday thread plz any good papes are welcome
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Autumn, Fall and October vibes

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Anything that pops in your mind after reading pic related quote.

I love summer and spring and am usually dreading the coming of winter but occasionally I feel this mix of serenity, nostalgia and happy contemplation that only occurs during autumn. I feel that despite expecting to feel shitty and depressed in many following months I feel complete and weirdly human in the moment.
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wpp you made
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Anything bright and vibrant you got, as long as it screams spring/summer.
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Formula 1

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Everything F1
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Daft Punk

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split up. Post your best papes in memoriam of them.
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Gondola thread? Gondola thread.
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