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Star Wars

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good papes from a galaxy far far away plz n thnx
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Classic Fantasy

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Sort of like the art you'd see on 80's video game/book covers, bonus points if focused on wizards or magic stuff in general
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Shakespeare related wallpapers?
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I turned 23 today

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I feel like I haven't done shit with my life and that I'm wasting my youth by the second.

Anyway, post your 23rd wallpaper.
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We haven't done this in a while, so why not now?

Rules are as follows:
>Flag must take up as much of the wallpaper as possible, like pic related. No generic pics like someone just standing around in a flag bikini or a flag at the top of a pole.

>No politics. Post your national flags, your disputed flags, your left-wing flags, your right-wing flags, your offensive flags, and your contested or controversial flags, and then leave. Don't comment or flame someone else's flag. If a flag offends you, just post a flag that's the opposite that one and keep your mouth shut. See a Nazi flag? Post a hammer-and-sickle flag and be quiet. Etcetera etcetera ad nauseum.
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Ultrawide Thread?

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Ultrawide Thread!
I'll start with the best I have..
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Ivan Aivazovsky

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Drop some paintings by one of the greatest masters of marine art.
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train/transport wallpapers

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I made a thread like this on /n/ and it got deleted, so reposting here
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Star Wars wallpapers.

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Couldn't find a thread here. If i missed it feel free to delete this.
Hopefully it will get some good ones.
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