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Deep/meaningfull papes

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Greetings fellow anons, I am looking for specific papers that invoke deep feelings
I will start
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soggy general

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wet papes
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floral wallpapers
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Donald Trump Wallpapers

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Post them
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Letterboxd Papes

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Post your profile get papes.
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2000s abstract wallpapers

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Paleo art thread. Anything prehistoric. Or anything with dinosaurs in general - Idgaf if it's a Jurassic Park ad, just post it.
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Probably the most beautiful city in Europe. Other catalan cities & towns are also welcome
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Ancient Gods General

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All gods, all mediums, all ages. Let us share the love for the gods of old. (bonus points for greco-roman)
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As per title, dreamscapes primarily made with old software such as (Bryce) and (Punch! ultimate deck and landscape) though regular dreamscapes are not discouraged.
Continuation of >>7691682
Also my first work with bryce above
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