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Comfy thread

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We post comfy pictures
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Kpop Papes

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Only high quality, only 1440p+, and only standard aspect ratios, please.
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Self made

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This thread is for papes youve made yourself or edited in some way.
Ive been doing these collage type papes for about a year now and would love some critiques, suggestions on things to add
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Suburbs Edition

I got some requests in the last thread for a suburb themed /comfy/ thread so here we go. Feel free to post any papes that you think fit the theme and are comfy, but please stick to real photographs only. No anime or drawings.

Link to last thread:
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Triple Monitor or Wide Screen

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Let's get some Papes for Triple Monitors and Wide Screens going
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Show me wallpapers with 3 or more people in it.
min res: 1600x900
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old one was at limit

What's your current wallpaper?
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album cover papes

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any cool album covers with wallpaper size edits?

i've always loved this cover of Thulêan Mysteries by Burzum but i've never seen a wallpaper edit, can one of you make one?
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Night city wallpapers

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